Ziaja Cupuacu and Caramelized almond body scrubs

I can not imagine my body care without peelings. Today I would like to share with you my thoughts about these Ziaja body scrubs.

The scents of these scrubs are amazing – cupuacu smells like caramelized, roasted nuts dipped in chocolate and the caramelized almond reminds me of marzipan sweets.


Ziaja body scrubs

The exfoliating factor in both scrubs is sugar. The sugar grains are kind of big, which I like!

Whole sugar grains provides a solid exfoliation but does not irritate the skin at all. That is a huge plus point. The skin right after use is smooth, soft and well moisturized.

The scrubs are not leaving any sticky residue on the bathtub or under the shower – that happens often with oil-based scrubs, here I have not noticed anything like that.


Ziaja body scrubs

Overall, I am really enjoying using both of the scrubs. If I’d have to choose which one I like better, then it would be hard because both works really, really good!

For me, these scrubs have everything that proper body scrub should have.

I am really recommending these if you would like to change your usual bath time in to a mini relaxing spa moment.


Price and availability

You can get both scrubs in Ziaja’s dutch supplier Focus on Skin store here:

You can find some of Ziaja’s products on bol.com too!


The product was provided for review purposes by Ziaja Focus on Skin.

I have got the scrub complimentary but the review is based on my own experience only.


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Benton Deep green tea lotion

I was lucky enough to be one of the testers of this Benton deep green tea lotion. Once before I tried their snail serum and Centella asiatica sheet mask so I was curious about what Benton has to offer this time.

Benton Deep Green Tea Lotion


The ingredients list is based on famous South Korean freshly harvested in Boseong green tea, Centella Asiatica extract, and tocopherol – fat-soluble vitamin E.

The lotion is very lightweight, and it’s not greasy, doesn’t leave any residue. It absorbs very quickly. Right after use my skin is well moisturized, relaxed and soothed.
I like to use this lotion during my evening skin routine.
I think that then this product can show the full potential. But it works very well as a daily moisturizer or even as a moisturizing make up base.
It doesn’t have any artificial scents so it’s perfect for people with allergies.

Only one minus point is the packaging. It is very hard to get the proper amount because the bottle has a very tiny hole and is hard and I can’t squeeze it.

Maybe Benton should think about adding a pump to the bottle and it may make applying the product a lot easier.

You can buy the lotion here on the StyleKorean store.

Or try these shops:

The product was provided by Benton in exchange for an honest review.

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Ziaja Argan & Tsubaki oils concentrated hair mask


The Ziaja argan & Tsubaki oils concentrated hair mask is perfect for broken and damaged hair. 

Enriched with argan and Tsubaki oils, does not contain any silicones which make it perfect for curly girl type of haircare. All emollients included in the ingredients list makes hair soft and bouncy.

The mask is also perfect as an emulsifier if you want to wash out oil from your hair.


Ziaja hair mask

What is also worth a mention is that the mask has an awesome oriental scent. The texture of the mask is very creamy and because of that, I need to use a lot of product at once as I have quite long hair.

Overall it is a really pleasant hair mask and you can get if for just 4€/200ml. I really liked it and I think I’ll buy the serum and shampoo from this line as well.

ziaja argan hair mask


The product was provided for review purposes by Ziaja dutch supplier https://www.ziajafocusonskin.nl ❤️ big thanks!

I have got the mask complimentary but the review is based on my own experience only.

You can buy this mask here (official Ziaja Nederland store).


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Remington B80P Paddle Brush

Not so long ago I have bought this Remington B80P paddle brush. I really like to try new hair brushes. Personally, I think that a good brush is a must have when you want to have nice, healthy and manageable hair.

Remember that using not proper hair brush can be really devastating for your hair and I am sure that everyone wants to avoid that.

Remington B80P Shine Therapy Paddle Brush – What makes this brush different than others?  

  • Nylon bristles infused with micro oil conditioner makes hair super shiny
  • Hair is shiny and super manageable
  • Gives straightening effect
  • Brushes hair very easy
  • It has a nice shape, it is lightweight and pleasant to work with.
I am really enjoying using this paddle brush. It doesn’t really have any minus points, which is nice. Also, it has a very affordable price – I bought mine online on bol.com for just 12,99 euro.

remington paddle hair brush

Here you can find similar one for 21 euro.

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Ziaja Med – Antibacterial face toner

This Ziaja Med antibacterial face toner surprised me. First of all, there’s no alcohol on the ingredients list, which is great! Also, it doesn’t contain any fragrance which makes it perfect for people who don’t like scents in their skincare or simply are allergic to that.

Ziaja Med Antibacterial face toner

Speaking about the ingredients list, in my opinion, it’s really ok without useless stuff. The toner contains zinc for antibacterial purposes, allantoin, and panthenol which makes my skin super soft. Works well with any active pimples or inflammations, heals them quite fast. I like to use this toner in morning right after cleaning my face with only cold water and at the evening in my regular skincare.

What works best for me is to pour the toner into the spray bottle, thanks to that I do not waste any drop of product. I really recommend this toner to people like me, with oily or mixed skin with acne prone tendencies. It is really gentle for the skin and does all that you may expect from facial toner.

The toner cost 7,39€ per 200 ml bottle. You can get it on Ziaja Nederland Focus on Skin store.
Big thanks to Ziaja Focus On Skin Nederland for providing the product for review purposes.

Make Up Actie – something for makeup lovers

Let’s talk about the Make Up Actie. This post will be useful for girls in the Netherlands who like some nice makeup stuff.
If you have not heard about MakeUpActie – its a monthly subscription where for 5,99 euro per month you get a make up product.
Every month it is a new product, and till the day of sending, they do not reveal what it is. Every Make Up Actie subscriber gets the same product. Only the shades are customized on a base of short question form which you have to fill while purchasing.
Why is it fun? Every month it is a small surprise. Of course, not everyone likes surprises and would prefer to know what would they get but for me, it is simply fun to unbox and see what is in the pink envelope.
On the pictures you can see what for example you can get from the MakeUpActie.





If you will join the MakeUpActie using my link you will get one from the previous makeup stuff completely for free so you can see if its something that you like. A monthly fee is just 5,99 euro and there are no strings attached and you can unsubscribe anytime you want.

If you got damaged product or have any questions – their client service is very friendly and reply fast.

Join using my link https://nl.makeupactie.com/invite/-/J8cEKtNCsy to get one product for free. As far as I know, the subscription works only in the Netherlands.

Not sponsored.


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Beauty tip: Hair oiling in a water bowl


Today I would like to introduce you to hair oiling. Its well known since long and you can do it in a different ways – you can apply the oil straight on dry hair or apply a moisturizer like water with sugar mix mist or flaxseed gel first as a base and apply your favorite oil on that, or also you can do it in my favorite way – in a water bowl.

Hair oiling in a water bowl – what do you need?

  • standard water bowl, I guess everyone has it in their bathroom 
  • warm or lukewarm water (not hot water as it causes damage to your hair) 
  • thick hair oil – it has to be thick so it can swim on the surface of the water (I do recommend argan oil, coconut oil or hemp oil)
  • bathing cap and towel 
  • to make the treatment more effective – pour some milk, honey, lemon juice or nettle tea 1:1 with water amount, it adds a nice twist and has more nourishing properties for your hair.


Hair oiling in a water bowl – how to do that



Fill the bowl with water to the half, add 1,5 spoon (5ml) of the oil to the bowl – I like to add argan oil or hemp oil as well. On the water surface, you’ll notice the dots of oil (like when you eat chicken broth). Soak your hair into the water, make sure that it is covered in oil. 

Use the towel to remove excess water from your hair and put the cap on for 30 minutes. Personally, I do not like to keep it longer under the cap because I have noticed that it is not good for my scalp condition.



How to remove the oil from your hair?

Use a hair conditioner and wash your hair with it. What is the best in this case: use the conditioner without silicones – I use Vatika’s blackseed conditioner mask or Kallos Color.


Why do I think that this method is the best for my hair?

The oil does not add moisture to your hair, it closes the moisture inside the hair. Thanks to lukewarm water hair cuticles are bit opened so the moisture can get deep inside and it is immediately held inside thanks to the oil.

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