BEOTY skincare

Thanks to Johnson from BEOTY I could test out their vitamin C brightening serum and balancing moisturizer. The BEOTY products are made in Denmark and are 100% vegan.

beoty skincare moisturizer

BEOTY balancing moisturizer

The balancing moisturizer is really pleasant. It is enriched with an Alpaflor Alp Sebum ® – a bioactive organic prebiotic. Besides that, on the ingredients list, we can find goods such as camomile, witch hazel, green tea, tamanu oil, pomegranate extract, and sea buckthorn extract. That cocktail of ingredients is formulated to protect and nourish the skin. I like to use it as a part of my morning and evening routine. It has a lightweight texture yet it feels very nourishing. Right after use, my skin feels plump and hydrated and all inflammations are soothed.

Beoty vitamin C serum

BEOTY Vitamin C brightening serum

The vitamin C serum contains a bunch of powerful ingredients such as ascorbyl glucoside (a stable form of vitamin C) and potent extracts from the sea buckthorn, green tea, licorice root, and lemon peel extract. It is my favorite product nowadays! It absorbs quickly and I have noticed that it is very effective when it comes to reducing the dullness of the skin. My skin is brighter and more radiant now.

BEOTY denmark

Overall I am impressed by the BEOTY products. Both products have luxurious-looking frosted glass packaging with an airless pump dispenser so it is a very hygienic way to apply them. What is also important is that the products are not scented so they are suitable for very sensitive skin types as well.

In my opinion, both products are very well formulated and give visible results in the course of use. I am hoping to see the BEOTY product line growing in the future.

BEOTY products are available through their website. The current prices are €76 when you want to buy the soothe&protect duo, or €38.40 for moisturizer and €52.80 for the vitamin C brightening serum.

Have you ever heard of this brand? What do you think about their products? Let me know!

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MELYON day cream

I could test out this MELYON day cream thanks to the The C of Cosmetics. It’s a completely new brand for me so I was super curious and excited about that!

The MELYON day cream is enriched with vitamin C, vitamin E and niacinamide. As a skincare junkie, I love these ingredients. 

The MELYON day cream has a nice texture which absorbs nicely and quickly into my skin. It leaves my skin well moisturized and at the same time mattified, my pores are minimized. After a few weeks of using I have noticed that my complexion looks healthy and luminous. 

Only one minus point is the packaging. The bottle looks really cute but I couldn’t open it properly. At various pictures I can see that the cream has a little pump but I can’t open mine like this. The cap is just stuck together with the pump. I can only twist it open and apply the product directly from the packaging which is not convenient. Update: I have received a kind message from brand that I need to pull the cap instead of twisting it and it works!

For me, this day cream is a really nice introduction to the brand. I think that I’d definitely try some more MELYON products in the future.

The MELYON day cream is available through The C of Cosmetics store and cost €45/60ml.

Have you ever used any of their products? Let me know!

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Drs Leenarts SPF50 cream review

Drs Leenarts Suncare SPF50 crème

Today I’d like to talk about this Drs Leenarts Suncare SPF50. Since I’ve seen this brand on Instagram I always wanted to try some of their products. What’s interesting is that the creator of the brand, Marjolein Leenarts is an active dermatologist. According to the website, she created her own skincare line because she wanted to help people with good products without unnecessary additions. Sounds great, right?

The filters (from the INCI list from the Drs. Leenarts website): Bis-ethylhexyloxyphenol methoxyphenyl triazine (UVA/UVB filter), Ethylhexyl Salicylate (UVB filter), Diethylamino hydroxy benzoyl hexyl benzoate (UVA filter), Polymethyl methacrylate (UV filter), Ethylhexyl triazone (UVB filter). It does not contain oxybenzone or nanoparticles.

Drs. Leenarts Suncare SPF50

The Drs Leenarts Suncare SPF50 has a lightweight texture, spreads easily and absorbs into the skin really quickly. It does not have a tacky or sticky finish and gives a nice dewy look. What is very important is that it does not leave any white cast or residue. It feels comfortable on my face throughout the day. Also, it works well with all of my makeup products.

The Suncare SPF50 is parfum free. It can be used on the face and body as well. It’s suitable for kids and adults.⠀

I like the packaging. It’s a very simple squeeze-out tube made out of bioplastic so it’s easily recyclable.

Overall I can say that I love this Drs Leenarts Suncare SPF50. It’s very affordable – €18.95/100ml, the formula is awesome and I am really into the brand concept and their philosophy. I am definitely going to try out some more Drs. Leenarts products in near future.

Drs. Leenarts products are available at their webshop or Etos drugstores.

What do you think of this one? Would you like to see more SPF reviews? Let me know!

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Gentl Woman Intimate Care aftershave cream

Thanks to Viviane from Gentl Woman I could test out their Intimate Care aftershave cream. The cream was created with a special “3C” formula which stands for caring, cooling, and comforting.

I would recommend trying the Gentl Woman Intimate Care aftershave cream if you have an issue with getting razor bumps or irritated skin after shaving. It has a really nice texture, is not sticky and feels very refreshing on the skin.

It is very moisturizing (thanks to the shea butter) and soothes any shaving irritations or any skin rash in the bikini area almost immediately. Also, it has a delicate pleasant scent.

You can find the full ingredients list on the picture below.

The aftershave cream costs €14.95 and it’s available through Gentl Woman webshop.

Have you ever heard of Gentl Woman? Do you have any favorite intimate care products? Let me know!

Post scriptum: remember that shaving is a personal thing and choice, I prefer to do that but if you do not like or want to do it then it is perfectly fine too! Do whatever makes you feel happy and confident, not what stereotypes or mass media are telling you to do.

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Facetheory – Ocuwake eye cream

I’ve wanted to try something from Facetheory for a long time so some time ago I’ve ordered a few things from their shop including this Ocuwake Eye cream.

The Ocuwake Eye cream EYE1 key ingredients

vitamin C – brightens dark circles, fights signs of aging

ferulic acid – fight signs of aging

liquorice – has skin calming properties

chamomile – soothes the skin

Meiview™ – increases and encourages the production of collagen I, targeting loss of elasticity and making skin feel smoother and plumper.

Hexylresorcinol – amphiphilic phenolic lipid that is clinically proven to be four times as effective than hydroquinone in lightening skin.

(Ingredients description source: Facetheory site)


Ocuwake eye cream – my opinion

Because of all the hype around Facetheory cosmetics, I was expecting a spectacular product. I am a little bit disappointed because the Ocuwake eye cream feels very basic. I mean it works well, it makes the eye area moisturized and nourished. Besides that, it absorbs quickly so it’s perfect when you are looking for an eye cream that you can wear under makeup. It is not sticky and has a pleasant texture.

I was using the Facetheory Ocuwake eye cream every day for more than two months already and unfortunately, I haven’t noticed any brightening or depuffing effects. That’s why I am disappointed because after looking at the ingredients list, reading the Facetheory product description and reviews on their site you can expect some spectacular results.

I am not saying that it is a bad product. It’s a very pleasant daily eye cream and the packaging is huge, inside the tube we can find 30ml!!! of the cream. Maybe my expectations were too high because of all the hype.

I can recommend this eye cream if you are looking for an lightweight cream that smooths the skin, hydrates and absorbs quickly. If you are looking for depuffing or dark circles reducing products then I’d go for another product.

Price and availability

The cream is available through the Facetheory site. It cost €18.99/30ml.

It is not sponsored but if you’d like to shop at Facetheory with discount then you can use my referral link. The link gives you a 20% discount and I’ll get 750 points.

Have you ever heard about Facetheory? Is there something that you can recommend? Besides the Ocuwake cream, I’ve ordered the Exaglow serum, Regenacalm serum, pink clay AHA mask and the Green C toner so stay tuned for more reviews.

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Benton – Let’s Carrot Oil Toner

Recently Benton Cosmetic sent me complimentary this Let’s Carrot oil toner and the cream from the same line. In one of the previous posts you can read about the cream, now it’s time to review the Oil Toner.

The Benton’s Let’s Carrot oil toner contains carotene and other carrot ingredients which provides rich nutrition to the skin. It is giving a firming, nourishing and moisturizing effect to the skin.

The Toner has two phases: the oil phase contains beta-carotene and carrot seed oil, and the water phase contains carrot water and carrot extracts.



Benton Let’s Carrot oil toner ingredients

🥕 Carrot – Carrot Root Water, Carrot Extracts, Carrot Seeds Oil

🥕 Beta-carotene

🥕 Tocopherol (Vitamin E)


benton lets carrot oil toner ingredients


Benton Let’s Carrot oil toner 



I am happy that this toner is a part of my skincare routine. It’s easy to use and absorbs immediately into the skin. It makes my face smooth, well-nourished and dewy. Used in combination with the oil and cream from the same Let’s Carrot 🥕 line gives a nice glass skin look.

It can be used during the day as a refreshing mist (it does not leave any sticky or unpleasant residue) or as a toner mask in case of dry, irritated spots.


Benton toner price and availability

Worldwide: Yes Style / €20.75 / use my code BEAUTYCOU123 for a small discount (affiliate code)

Worldwide: Stylekorean / $17.50 / (not sponsored, affiliate code)

Netherlands: / €20.99 / (not sponsored)

Sounds good, right? What do you think about this one? Is that something for you?

What is your favourite toner? Let me know!



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Benton – Let’s carrot moisture cream

Thanks to Benton I could test out this Let’s carrot moisturizing cream and the toner from the same line.

 Benton Let’s carrot moisture cream ingredients

Key ingredients of the cream are:

Carrot – Carrot Root Water, Carrot Extracts, Carrot Seeds Oil


Tocopherol (Vitamin E)

 The Let’s Carrot cream does not contain volatile alcohols or PEGs.


benton lets carrot cream ingretients list

About the Benton Let’s Carrot moisture cream + my experience

The cream has a very lightweight texture. It absorbs into the skin immediately without any sticky residue. I’d say that it is a pleasant cream that can be used as a part of AM and PM routine as well. Right after use, my skin is well moisturized, calm and smooth. Thanks to the beta carotene the cream improve the skin tone. 

I was using it in combination with the toner from the same line. Review of toner is coming soon so stay tuned.

Overall I recommend this cream. As I’ve said it’s lightweight and pleasantly nourishing, suitable for all skin types.

Price and availability

Worldwide – StyleKorean (affiliate link)

Worldwide – Yesstyle (affiliate link) 
Tip: while shopping at Yes Style use my code BEAUTYCOU123 for extra discount (affiliate code)

Netherlands – (affiliate link)


$14.00 at Style Korean store

€15.95 at Yes Style store

€19.99 at Little Wonderland store

Have you heard about this one? Let me know!

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Jumiso – All-day Vitamin Nourishing and Recharging wash-off mask

I could test out this Jumiso All-day Vitamin Nourishing and Recharging wash-off mask, thanks to the Style Korean x Jumiso Try me Review me event.

Today I am going to tell you more about the ingredients and what do I think about this one.


This is the third and final review of the All Day Vitamin line.

See previous reviews of the Jumiso All Day Vitamin line:

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The Jumiso mask ingredients

jumiso all day nourishing and recharging wash off mask

This All-day Vitamin Nourishing and Recharging wash-off mask is supposed not only to protect the skin barrier, but also thanks to the niacinamide and lemon peel powder it has exfoliating and brightening properties.

  • Multi 15 Vitamin complex
  • Chlorella Vulgaris extract
  • Melia Azadirachta flower extract
  • Citrus limon peel powder
  • Curcuma root extract
  • Hippophae rhamnoides extract
  • Orange fruit extract

The mask contains fresh lemon peel parts. Because of that, the color of the product may slightly change over time.

Nourishing and Recharging wash-off mask review

jumiso all day vitamin nourishing recharging mask

First of all, the mask has such a juicy, yummy scent, I love it. The texture is also very pleasant – jelly (not sticky) and easy to wash off.

Overall I like this mask. It is easy to use and gives instant effects. Thanks to the turmeric root, orange fruit extract and lemon peel it gives the skin a glow boost immediately!

Right after washing the mask off my face has a nice, healthy glow. My skin is supple, fresh and bright. I really recommend this mask if your skin lacks glow and radiance.

I have not experienced any burning or tingling sensation. Please be aware that it can happen as the mask contains ingredients such as Niacinamide, lemon, Curcuma, etc.

Jumiso All-day Vitamin wash-off mask – my conclusion

I’ve enjoyed incorporating Jumiso’s all-day vitamin line into my skincare routine. I can say that all products work incredibly well for me.  The design, ingredients, brand philosophy, and most importantly results are appealing to me.

Big thanks to Style Korean and Jumiso –  I am happy that I could participate in this Try me Review my event.

Price and availability

The wash-off mask and other Jumiso products are available worldwide at Style Korean shop here:


The mask costs $22.40/100ml.

In the Netherlands, the Jumiso mask is available here:

▶  Little Wonderland – €24.99/100ml

▶  Korean Skincare – €24.95/100ml

What do you think about this mask? Let me know!

Jumiso all-day brightening and balancing serum

I could test out this Jumiso all-day brightening and balancing serum thanks to the Style Korean x Jumiso Try me Review me event.

I am already familiar with this serum, it was a part of my routine in 2019 and I liked it a lot back then!

jumiso all day vitamin serum


Jumiso serum ingredients


This serum is full of goods! Just look at the ingredients:

  • Niacinamide
  • The vitamin tree (Seaberry or Sea buckthorn) extract
  • Centella Asiatica extract
  • Polygonum Cuspidatum (Japanese knotweed) root extract
  • Scutellaria Baicalensis (skullcap) root extract
  • Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract
  • Glycyrrhiza Glabra (licorice) root extract
  • Chamomilla Recutita (chamomile) flower extract
  • Rosmarinus Officinalis (rosemary) leaf extract
  • Panthenol
  • Betaine
  • Ascorbic Acid
  • Pelargonium Graveolens (geranium) flower oil
  • Cymbopogon martini (palmarosa) oil
  • Cananga Odorata (ylang ylang) flower oil
  • Citrus Aurantium (bergamot) peel oil
  • Rosa Damascena (rose) flower oil

Jumiso all-day brightening and balancing serum


Jumiso all day brightening and balancing serum my opinion

This serum has a non-sticky, watery, gel-ish like running texture. It absorbs almost immediately into the skin!

The results are really pleasant. Right after use, I feel that my face is hydrated, refreshed and more radiant. It is a quick fix when my skin needs a little pick me up at the moment.

The long time results are impressive too: I have noticed that my complexion looks brighter, the hyperpigmentation spots are fading and my skin tone is less dull and more even.

The serum layers very well with other products and as it is very lightweight it can be used during the AM (do not forget to apply the sunscreen!!) and PM routine as well.

Overall, yes! I recommend this one if you are looking for an affordable, not expensive, multifunctional serum that can help you battle hyperpigmentation or acne scars.


Jumiso all-day brightening and balancing serum price and availability


The Jumiso all day vitamin serum is available at Style Korean shop here:

It retails for €18.99/30ml.

Have you ever heard about this one? Let me know 🥰

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Estrid – A razor sharp subscription

was looking for a good razor for quite some time. Thanks to the social media advertising I’ve stumbled upon Estrid razor subscription.

Shaving is a personal thing and choice, I prefer to do that but if you do not like or want to do it then it is perfectly fine too!

Do whatever makes you feel happy and confident, not what stereotypes or mass media are telling you to do.


What is Estrid razor subscription?

Estrid is the subscription scheme, where you get fresh refill razor blades/cartridges delivered to your doorstep as often as you like. The set contains four refill blades and costs €9.99.

Estrid offers the starter kit too, which contains one steel handle, holder, and two refill blades. The cost of the starter kit is just €9.99 which is super affordable.


Estrid razor korting discount

About the Estrid razor

The handle is really solid, ergonomically shaped, easy to grip and esthetically pleasing (you can choose your favorite color). 

The razor glides very smoothly on the skin,  I can reach and shave all the areas easily. The lubricating strip is enriched with shea butter, aloe vera and jojoba seed oil which are well known for their caring and moisturizing properties.

The shaving experience is really pleasant. As I have mentioned, the razor glides very smoothly on the skin not causing any sore feeling or burns or rashes. All the sensitive areas such as bikini line etc could be shaved just with one stroke!

Overall I am impressed. This razor is different than others that I have used before – usually I was using the popular razors designed for men as they were more affordable than razors marketed specially to women.  I can say that the Estrid razor definitely changed my shaving experience.


How much does it cost? + discount


The starter kit (handle, holder plus two cartridges) costs €9.99.

Estrid subscription (four razor cartridges)  costs €9.99 per as often as you like plus you can cancel at any time.
You can subscribe and try Estrid here.
For 70% discount on your first starter kit just subscribe through this link.

How to cancel Estrid subscription

Log in into your account. Find the “account” menu. Click on “manage subscription“. There you can find the “skip order” and “cancel subscription” options. Voila!

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The post is not sponsored. I have bought the product and opinions are my own.