Beauty PRO’s – Beauty brush

Thanks to Soumia from Beauty PRO’s I could test out this Beauty Brush. I have very long and thick hair so a good hairbrush is an unmissable part of my hair care routine. Proper brushing is crucial for hair condition. I am brushing my hair…

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Sattva Ayurveda – Brahmi – Herbal hair mask

What is Brahmi? Brahmi benefits Brahmi (Bacopa monnieri), also called the herb of grace is the traditional Ayurvedic herb that has multiple skin and health care benefits. It does also wonders for scalp and hair care. Thanks to the shop I could test out…

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Planeta Organica – Ayurveda hair mask

I have long, heavy and straight hair. I think that my hair is one of my best features so I love to take care of it and keep it in good shape and condition. That’s why a good hair mask is a must for me.…

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