Beauty PRO’s – Skin Cleaner

I could test out the Beauty PROs Skin Cleaner device thanks to Soumia from Beauty PROs. I have always wanted to try that kind of device so I was very excited when I have got it.

Please remember: always use that kind of device carefully. Do not put it for too long in one spot and operate with short, quick strokes otherwise you may end up with red marks, hickeys or bruises on your face. I recommend using the lowest power setting, also take a long warm shower or use a facial sauna before using the Skin Cleaner to open up the pores.

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Biostijl – body scrubs (vegan and handmade!)

Thanks to the Biostijl I could test out their 100% natural sugar body scrubs – the lavender and the ocean one. The Biostijl body scrubs are vegan, cruelty-free and handmade. The scrubs main scrubbing factor is sugar. The form of scrubs is very interesting as…

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Planeta Organica – Ayurveda hair mask

I have long, heavy and straight hair. I think that my hair is one of my best features so I love to take care of it and keep it in good shape and condition. That’s why a good hair mask is a must for me.…

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