Drs Leenarts Suncare SPF50 crème

Today I’d like to talk about this Drs Leenarts Suncare SPF50. Since I’ve seen this brand on Instagram I always wanted to try some of their products. What’s interesting is that the creator of the brand, Marjolein Leenarts is an active dermatologist. According to the website, she created her own skincare line because she wanted to help people with good products without unnecessary additions. Sounds great, right?

The filters (from the INCI list from the Drs. Leenarts website): Bis-ethylhexyloxyphenol methoxyphenyl triazine (UVA/UVB filter), Ethylhexyl Salicylate (UVB filter), Diethylamino hydroxy benzoyl hexyl benzoate (UVA filter), Polymethyl methacrylate (UV filter), Ethylhexyl triazone (UVB filter). It does not contain oxybenzone or nanoparticles.

Drs. Leenarts Suncare SPF50

The Drs Leenarts Suncare SPF50 has a lightweight texture, spreads easily and absorbs into the skin really quickly. It does not have a tacky or sticky finish and gives a nice dewy look. What is very important is that it does not leave any white cast or residue. It feels comfortable on my face throughout the day. Also, it works well with all of my makeup products.

The Suncare SPF50 is parfum free. It can be used on the face and body as well. It’s suitable for kids and adults.⠀

I like the packaging. It’s a very simple squeeze-out tube made out of bioplastic so it’s easily recyclable.

Overall I can say that I love this Drs Leenarts Suncare SPF50. It’s very affordable – €18.95/100ml, the formula is awesome and I am really into the brand concept and their philosophy. I am definitely going to try out some more Drs. Leenarts products in near future.

Drs. Leenarts products are available at their webshop or Etos drugstores.

What do you think of this one? Would you like to see more SPF reviews? Let me know!

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Urtekram Rise & Shine hair care

Some time ago I’ve rediscovered the brand Urtekram thanks to the Triangle PR. I could test out the Rise & Shine Spicy Orange Blossom Ultimate Repair hair care.

Few facts about the brand: Urtekram is a Danish brand founded in 1972 and is named Denmark’s most sustainable brand by the Sustainable Brand Index.

The shampoo is based on coco glucoside (a very mild and gentle cleansing agent) and is enriched with jojoba oil, aloe vera, orange peel oil, and rosa damascena extract. So as you can see it’s full of goods. I am really enjoying using it as it’s nourishing my scalp and washing my hair properly.

The conditioner is enriched with shea butter, jojoba oil, orange peel oil, rosa damascena extract, aloe vera, and magnolia extract. I recommend using the conditioner in a small amount because it’s very rich and if you use too much then it may weigh your hair down. It works well on my hair and makes it look healthy, soft, and bouncy.

Both shampoo and conditioner have a slightly herbal scent. I like it but it may be too overwhelming for sensitive persons.

Overall I liked the Urtekram shampoo and conditioner. I think that I’ll try their other hair care products in the future. Have you ever heard of Urtekram? Let me know!

Skin1004 Madagascar Centella Ampoule

Thanks to the Go Picky giveaway I could test out this Skin1004 Madagascar Centella Ampoule.

The ampoule is infused with 100% Centella Asiatica extract from Madagascar. The ampoule is supposed to repair damaged skin, moisturize, soothe and strengthen the skin barrier.

I have used a lot of products with Centella Asiatica before. None of them has such a high concentration of the Centella though. That is why I was extremely curious about this product.

Skin1004 Madagascar Centella Ampoule

The ampoule is very lightweight and doesn’t have any scent. It absorbs into the skin almost immediately and cooperates with other products so there is no problem with layering. After few weeks of using it, I have noticed that my skin is calm and much more moisturized. Any inflammations or redness are reduced to a minimum.

Overall I think that it is a good soothing product. The ampoule is suitable for very sensitive and irritated skin.

The ampoule costs € 26.95 and it is available for example here.

If that one is too expensive for you then I have found some cheaper alternatives.

The first one is the Revuele Centella cream. I can not find how many % of Centella is at the ingredients list but the price € 9.99 is pretty decent.

Second alternative is the Purito Unscented Centella serum. With 49% of Centella extract it is worth to give it a try.

Have you ever heard about Skin1004 Madagascar Centella Ampoule? Let me know.

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Gentl Woman Intimate Care aftershave cream

Thanks to Viviane from Gentl Woman I could test out their Intimate Care aftershave cream. The cream was created with a special “3C” formula which stands for caring, cooling, and comforting.

I would recommend trying the Gentl Woman Intimate Care aftershave cream if you have an issue with getting razor bumps or irritated skin after shaving. It has a really nice texture, is not sticky and feels very refreshing on the skin.

It is very moisturizing (thanks to the shea butter) and soothes any shaving irritations or any skin rash in the bikini area almost immediately. Also, it has a delicate pleasant scent.

You can find the full ingredients list on the picture below.

The aftershave cream costs €14.95 and it’s available through Gentl Woman webshop.

Have you ever heard of Gentl Woman? Do you have any favorite intimate care products? Let me know!

Post scriptum: remember that shaving is a personal thing and choice, I prefer to do that but if you do not like or want to do it then it is perfectly fine too! Do whatever makes you feel happy and confident, not what stereotypes or mass media are telling you to do.

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Klairs – Midnight Blue Youth Activating Drop

I could test out the dear, Klairs Midnight Blue Youth Activating Drop thanks to the Wishtrend.

Do not hesitate to visit the Wishtrend website if you would like to buy the K-Beauty brands such as Klairs, I’m From, elmt, COSRX, Rovectin and by Wishtrend.

Yes, the drops are literally blue, so cool! I’ve seen this product everywhere and everyone was so positive about it so I’ve decided to give it a try.

Klairs Midnight Blue Youth Activating Drop ingredients

The serum contains Guaiazulene and Adenosine. Guaiazulene is a plant-based ingredient extracted from Camomile oil and the Vaccinium angustifolium (blueberry) extract. Both the blueberry extract and Guaiazulene have soothing and skin calming purposes. Adenosine has strong anti-aging benefits and skin restoring properties.

Other key ingredients are peptides. The high condensated dual peptide formula EGF (sh-Oligopeptide-1) and bFGF (sh-Polypeptide-1) has anti-aging properties which activate the main factors of the skin.

My opinion

I think that it is a pretty nice serum. It has a pleasant watery, lightweight consistency and absorbs quickly. I can layer other products on top of it without pilling. I can say that the Midnight Blue Activating Drop serum reduces the redness and soothes the skin very well.

The serum keeps my skin in a good condition. Right after using it my face is radiant and feels fresh, smooth and plump.

So far I have not noticed any spectacular anti-aging or fine lines reduction effects but of course, that will take some time.

Overall I think that it is a very interesting product. It has a great ingredient list, it’s potent and in my opinion, it is a great add-on to the usual PM routine.

The only one minus point is that the serum bottle is very small – 20ml. It is way less than I am used to as a regular serum bottle is usually 30ml. In the Netherlands the price of the serum is €30 ($35) so definitely it is not a budget option.

Price and availability

The Klairs Midnight Blue Activating Drop serum is available worldwide through Wishtrend store.

PS: Using the code JULY10OFF gives you -10% off on the Wishtrend site.

Have you ever tried this one? Let me know!

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Beauty PRO’s – Skin Cleaner

I could test out the Beauty PROs Skin Cleaner device thanks to Soumia from Beauty PROs. I have always wanted to try that kind of device so I was very excited when I have got it.

Please remember: always use that kind of device carefully. Do not put it for too long in one spot and operate with short, quick strokes otherwise you may end up with red marks, hickeys or bruises on your face. I recommend using the lowest power setting, also take a long warm shower or use a facial sauna before using the Skin Cleaner to open up the pores.

facial vacuum

What is the Skin Cleaner exactly?

The Beauty PROs Skin Cleaner is a kind of little vacuum that sucks out any blackheads or impurities out of the pores.

Inside the box, we can find the five replacement heads (small, medium, bigger, oval and exfoliating) and a USB charger. The device itself is very well made, has a pleasant ergonomic shape and is easy to use.

Skin Cleaner

Beauty PROs Skin Cleaner – my opinion

I am really happy that I could test out the Skin Cleaner device. I had a few stubborn blackheads in my nose area and thanks to the Skin Cleaner these are gone. What I also like to do is to massage my face with the exfoliating head – it makes my face soft and improves the blood flow. I think that I may use the device sporadically when the stubborn blackheads will pop up again.

I think that the Skin Cleaner is perfect for people with normal to oily skin especially prone to blackheads and with large pores. If you have a problem with (cystic) acne or broken capillaries or you have very sensitive skin then I would not recommend it to you as it may be too harsh. Overall it is a nice product that does what it has to do and I am happy with the results.

Beauty PROs Skin Cleaner

Price and availability

You can buy the Skin Cleaner device through the Beauty PROs store – click here.

The price of the Skin Cleaner device is 34,95.

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Disclosure: I have received the product free of charge for review purposes.

Biostijl – body scrubs (vegan and handmade!)

Thanks to Biostijl I could test out their 100% natural sugar body scrubs – the lavender and the ocean one. The Biostijl body scrubs are vegan, cruelty-free and handmade.

The scrubs main scrubbing factor is sugar. The form of scrubs is very interesting as these are solid cubes instead of traditional scrubs in the jar.

Thanks to the solid form the scrubs are more efficient than the regular ones and are so easy to use.

The scrub cubes are enriched with Cacao butter. The Cacao butter has nourishing, soothing and moisturizing properties.

Biostijl body scrubs

The Ocean scrub cube contains dead sea salt which has natural detoxifying properties. It also reveals a nice and calming fresh scent while scrubbing.

The Lavender cube has the lavender flower particles inside. The cube is enriched with the precious ylang-ylang oil. Combined with the lavender it gives an awesome refreshing and mood-boosting sensation.

Both cubes are scrubbing really really well. These are not too harsh despite the fact that it is sugar. I feel that my skin is properly exfoliated, fresh and silky smooth. Thanks to the cocoa butter, the skin is properly moisturized.

I am using the scrub on my whole body, hands and feet as well. At my own risk, I’ve even tried to use it on my face and I’ve liked the results. I can assure you that it is safe to do so, but try not scrubbing too harsh then!

The scents are really pleasant, refreshing and long-lasting. The scrubs are not leaving any unpleasant residue which is a huge plus point.

Overall I like the Biostijl scrubs. I like that the scrubs are easy to use. A huge plus point is that these are made out of natural ingredients. I think that I’ll order some more of them in the future.

Price and availability

Availability: Biostijl webshop
Price: €5.95 per scrub

What’s your favorite scrub? Let me know!

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Planeta Organica – Ayurveda hair mask

I have long, heavy and straight hair. I think that my hair is one of my best features so I love to take care of it and keep it in good shape and condition. That’s why a good hair mask is a must for me. To be honest I have a lot of conditioners and masks in my stash and it’s hard to please me in that matter. Thanks to the Shamanka.nl shop I could test out this Planeta Organica Ayurveda hair mask and I’ve immediately loved it! ⠀



Planeta Organica – Ayurveda hair mask review

This hair mask is full of goods. It’s based on aqua with infusions of Melia Azadirachta Seed Oil (known also as Neem oil) which is well known from its regenerating and nourishing properties. The Centella Asiatica extract strengthens the hair follicles and improves blood microcirculation. The Sandalwood extract is responsible for the hair growth stimulation and the Acai berries give a vitamin boost. The mask is CG (curly girl method) friendly.⠀
I love how wonderful this mask smells. The mix of incense and oriental herbs… Oh my god! The scent is a bit heavy but definitely not overwhelming. The texture of the mask is thick and creamy.⠀
I like to apply the mask generously as a treatment for around 30 minutes and wrap my hair with cling film. To make it even more conditioning I like to place a towel on top – thanks to the natural heat created under a cap the hair cuticles are opened and all the ingredients can absorb deep into the hair. I do always rinse it with lukewarm/cold water to close the hair cuticles right after.⠀
The mask is really rich, nourishing, and moisturizing. It works soothing on my scalp and definitely helps in reducing hair fall out. Right after the treatment, my hair is soooo soft, shiny, bouncy, moisturized, and totally regenerated. I really recommend it if you want to give your hair a boost.⠀


Ingredients, price and availability


planeta organica ayurvedic hair mask
Price:  €9.29 / 300ml⠀
Availability: Shamanka.nl

Once again thanks shamanka.nl for providing product for review purposes. Even though I’ve got the product free of charge it doesn’t affect my opinion.⠀
Let me know what’s your favorite hair mask – I’m curious!⠀

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