Avon – True – Nourishing lip oil

I wasn’t expecting a lot from this Avon True nourishing lip oil but it turns out that it is a great product. Now during the wintertime, I like to use products that are not only soothing and nourishing but also protecting.      Avon nourishing…

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AVON – Golden mushroom sleeping mask

Out of curiosity, I bought this golden mushroom sleeping mask from Avon Korean beauty inspired skincare line.  Who would expect that brand such as Avon would create their own Korean skincare products? Is it just jumping on a bandwagon or are they really interested in the…

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AVON – Korean Charcoal – Cleanse and Refine

I bet everyone heard already of Korean (K-beauty) skincare products and regiments. Nowadays this type of skincare is enormously popular and every product with “Korean” in the name or Korean inspired draws a lot of public attention. No wonder that many brands want to jump…

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