Cacharel Lou Lou – eau de parfum

The Cacharel Lou Lou was created in 1987 by Jean Guichard. For me it is a bold, sexy scent with a lot of character. Mysterious and flirty. It has a sharp opening, I can smell incense, sandalwood, mimosa and Tiare flower. After some time the plum, musk, cinnamon and anise appear. At the end of the day the scent is still rich and present on my skin.

Lou Lou Cacharel

Cacharel Lou Lou

People may say that it is too much and that it is an old women’s scent but I do not agree – and honestly – I do not care. I just simply love Lou Lou. It is warm, sophisticated and sensual. Provoking and playful. I always feel a boost of confidence while wearing this scent.

Scent notes according to Fragrantica

Top notes: plum, chinese cinnamon wood, iris, violet, anise, jasmine, lily, mimosa, cassia

Middle notes: tuberose, ylang-ylang, heliotrope, orris root, orange blossom, tahitian tiare flower

Base notes: incense, vanilla, benzoin, sandalwood, musk.

Price and availability

Available at: / Notino / Douglas

Price: prices vary from €26.19/30 ml to €37.56/30ml

Have you ever heard about Lou Lou? What are your thoughts about this eau de parfum? Let me know!

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Noosh Beauty – the Bisou collection

Some time ago I’ve stumbled upon this Noosh Beauty luxury make up and skincare subscription curated by Anna Nooshin. The name Noosh comes from the Farsi language (Anna Nooshin has Iranian roots) and means lovely and attractive.

The mission of Noosh is according to their website “a way for anyone to bring out their inner glow and have fun with their look while still looking like themselves”.

Noosh Beauty – the Bisou collection

Inside the first box we can find the Bisou collection. The collection consist of four products, three make up items: eyeshadow palette, lipgloss, face and body highlighter and one skincare item: the facial mask.

Inside the box:

XOXO eyeshadow palette

Diamond kissed lipgloss

Me time face mask

Magic luminizer face and body highlighter

Noosh Beauty

noosh beauty box

noosh beauty bisou collection

The Noosh cosmetics are 100% vegan and are made in Italy. The cost of a subscription per month is €24.95. You can find more details here.

What do you think about this one? Let me know!

Personally, I think that the whole collection is really beautiful. I have enjoyed the unboxing and trying out all of the products. I am looking forward to the next box!

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AZRA Botanical Simplicity – No rinse hand cleanser

From AZRA Botanical Simplicity I’ve received complimentary this no-rinse hand cleanser (thank you Azra!). The hand cleanser is one of the newest addition to the AZRA Botanical Simplicity line.

This AZRA’s No-rinse hand cleanser is based on alcohol and is enriched with Symphytum Officinale (known as Comfrey) extract. This herb is well known for its protecting and conditioning properties.

The glycerine and white Lilly extract lock moisture into the skin. Thanks to the Mentha arvensis (mint) leaf oil the gel has a very fresh, invigorating and awakening scent.

No rinse hand cleansing gel

The no-rinse hand cleansing gel has a nice, aesthetically pleasing and hygienic airless pump package. Perfect to keep it in the handbag on the go. When I rub the gel on my hands, the gel is not leaving any sticky or tacky residue. It absorbs immediately, leaving my hands perfectly clean and well sanitized. I am really enjoying using this cleansing gel!

Price and availability

The no-rinse hand cleanser costs €10/100ml. The product is available through ASPA beauty salon in den Haag and AZRA Botanical Simplicity store.

Stichting Emina Foundation

From each sold bottle AZRA donates to Stichting Emina Foundation. The foundation promotes and supports personal development and education of children and young adolescents in former Yugoslavia countries.

What do you think about this one? What’s your favourite sanitizer at the moment? Let me know!


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A’pieu Cosmetics – Madecassoside cream

The A’pieu Cosmetics Madecassoside cream since sometime is a part of my skincare routine.

What is this mysterious madecassoside? It’s a bioactive compound derived from the Gotu Kola plant. It has inflammation soothing and wound healing properties. The Gotu Kola plant is used in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries!

So madecassoside sounds like a perfect solution for sensitive skin types or when we have a problem with excess redness, irritations, or eczema.

A’pieu Cosmetics Madecassoside cream

This A’pieu Cosmetics Madecassoside cream contains 0.1% of Madecassoside and 40% of Centella Asiatica leaf water. Besides that, on the ingredients list we can find lactic acid, niacinamide (known for the skin-strengthening properties), adenosine (fights fine lines), witch hazel, panthenol, allantoin, glycerine, and urea – well known skin-soothing components.

The cream has an interesting texture. It feels lightweight and rich at the same time. I think that it is a very pleasant occlusive cream, especially for wintertime but not only. I like to use it during my PM routine along with my retinol serum and as my day cream as well because it absorbs very quickly into the skin. Right after use my skin is calm and hydrated, feels smooth and plump.

Price and availability

Overall I think that it is a nice cream but if you are looking for something spectacular then it may be too basic for you. Still, it’s worth trying as it is pretty affordable – it costs just €12.99/50ml.

Available worldwide:


YesStyle – use my code BEAUTYCOU123 for extra discount

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the INKEY List Oat Cleansing balm

The Inkey List Oat cleansing balm is a blend of sweet almond oil, 3% oat kernel oil, sunflower oil and 1% colloidal oatmeal powder. This is a multifunctional product because it can be used as a cleanser and mask as well. I am using it as my first cleanse product, later following it with a water-based cleanser.

It has a nice thicker kind of texture that melts in contact with the warmth of the skin.

The Inkey List Oat Cleansing balm is very gentle for the skin and dissolves even heavy makeup very quickly. I am also removing the eye makeup using this cleanser and haven’t noticed any irritations in that area.

I am pleasantly surprised with how effective this cleanser is. It does its job, does not leave any unpleasant residue and it’s extremely affordable!

Oat cleansing balm

The packaging – a squeezable tube is very handy and hygienic. Plus we only need a bit of product – a little goes a long way! Besides the cleansing properties, we can also use the product as a mask. I like to do that when my face is for example over exfoliated or simply has a bad day. I am just leaving it on (clean) face for 10-20 minutes and any irritations or redness are soothed.

To sum up: I do recommend this product. It’s efficient and affordable. I like the non-irritating formula and how gentle the cleanser is for my skin. Also, the oat kernel oil is noncomedogenic so do not worry about clogged pores!

Price and availability

Look Fantastic (affiliate link) / Cult Beauty/ Feel Unique / Boozyshop

The prices varies from €11.45 to €14.95/150ml.

Use my code for 25% off on your first order at Look Fantastic – EWA-R12Z.

Have you ever tried this one? Let me know what’s your favorite cleansing balm/oil.

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Australian Bodycare – Intimate shaving kit

Thanks to the Essd Consulting I could test out this Australian Bodycare Intimate shaving kit. I have received the products complimentary in exchange for an honest review.

Inside the box we can find three products – the intimate wash, intimate shaving gel and the aftershave balm. All of the products are enriched with the precious antibacterial tea tree oil.

The line has been created to help us shave the bikini line and intimate areas in a safe, hygienic way.

More than that, this shaving kit is supposed to prevent any unwanted red spots, razor burns and ingrown hairs.

Australian Bodycare Intim wash gel – daily care before shaving

This gel has a surprising texture. The texture is very watery and runny which I was not expecting. The wash gel is very gentle for the skin and leaves the area refreshed and clean. I have not noticed any minus points, it simply does what it has to do.

Australian Bodycare Intim shave – shaving gel against red spots

Australian Bodycare recommends to apply the gel, leave it for one minute and then shave. It has a nice, almost silky texture which makes the blade gliding easy through problematic areas. I was worrying that the package (100ml) is too small and would not be enough for multiple uses, however a little goes in a long way. Pea sized amount of the product is enough to cover the whole intimate area and bikini line as well.

Australian Bodycare Intim balm – after shave against red spots

A very pleasant aftershave balm. It is not sticky, feels very refreshing on the skin and soothes any shaving irritations or skin rash immediately.

Price and availability

The Australian Bodycare products are available at Kruidvat, Trekpleister and Etos and through and their flagship store.

The price of the Intimate Shaving Kit (three products inside) is €29.99.

To sum up: I really like this Australian Bodycare Intimate shaving kit. It makes shaving experience more pleasant, is caring for the skin and soothes any uncomfortable feeling immediately. Also, I am noticing that with every use the red bumps are visibly reduced and the “strawberry skin” effect is gone!

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Rexona – Maximum Protection spray

I’ve received the Rexona Maximum Protection product complimentary from Rexona and Influenster in exchange for an honest review.

To be honest with you all, I have a problem with excess sweating due to stress issues. I have my favorites when it comes to antiperspirants and barely trying something new, but when I’ve got the chance to try the new Rexona Maximum Protection spray deo through Influenster VoxBox I wasn’t hesitating and decided to give it a try.⠀⠀

Rexona Maximum Protection clean scent spray

The Rexona Maximum Protection line promises 3x better protection than regular deodorants for 96 hours. It is possible thanks to the Defence+ technology.

The application is really pleasant. The spray form is really handy. The Rexona deodorant does not leave any white residue on my skin so I can dress up right away.

I am not sure about the 96 hours of protection but it works well when applied in the morning to the late evening. The sweating is reduced to a minimum. The fresh scent is present for a whole day!

Overall I think that it is a very pleasant antiperspirant. It reduces the excess sweating very effectively, smells nice and does not stain my clothes. ⠀⠀

Rexona Maximum Protection spray ingredients

Price and availability

Availability: Kruidvat / / ⠀⠀

Price: from €4.49 to €5.99⠀⠀

Have you ever heard about this one? What’s your favorite antiperspirant? Let me know!

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Therme Mystic Rose eau de parfum

Therme Mystic Rose eau de parfum

Not so long ago I’ve bought this Therme Mystic Rose eau de parfum. The price at the moment was just €7.50 (the normal price is €15) so I’ve decided to give it a try!

According to Therme the Mystic Rose perfume notes are: rose, cacao and sweet lychee.

Mystic Rose

I think that it is a very pleasant scent. It’s a bit mysterious, almost sensual (I think that it is because of the cacao – it gives a bit of spice) with playful rose and sweet lychee notes. This scent is not obvious, I was not expecting that looking at the price tag.

Another surprise is that this eau de parfum is very long-lasting on my skin. Applied in the morning I can still smell it 8-10 hours later.

Price and availability

Price: from €7.50 to €15.49 depends on promotions

Availability: Etos,, Douglas Nederland, (affiliate link)

The Mystic Rose product range besides the eau de parfum consist of: the body lotion, body butter, foaming shower gel and traditional shower gel.

Have you ever heard about this one? Let me know!

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Biostijl – body scrubs (vegan and handmade!)

Thanks to Biostijl I could test out their 100% natural sugar body scrubs – the lavender and the ocean one. The Biostijl body scrubs are vegan, cruelty-free and handmade.

The scrubs main scrubbing factor is sugar. The form of scrubs is very interesting as these are solid cubes instead of traditional scrubs in the jar.

Thanks to the solid form the scrubs are more efficient than the regular ones and are so easy to use.

The scrub cubes are enriched with Cacao butter. The Cacao butter has nourishing, soothing and moisturizing properties.

Biostijl body scrubs

The Ocean scrub cube contains dead sea salt which has natural detoxifying properties. It also reveals a nice and calming fresh scent while scrubbing.

The Lavender cube has the lavender flower particles inside. The cube is enriched with the precious ylang-ylang oil. Combined with the lavender it gives an awesome refreshing and mood-boosting sensation.

Both cubes are scrubbing really really well. These are not too harsh despite the fact that it is sugar. I feel that my skin is properly exfoliated, fresh and silky smooth. Thanks to the cocoa butter, the skin is properly moisturized.

I am using the scrub on my whole body, hands and feet as well. At my own risk, I’ve even tried to use it on my face and I’ve liked the results. I can assure you that it is safe to do so, but try not scrubbing too harsh then!

The scents are really pleasant, refreshing and long-lasting. The scrubs are not leaving any unpleasant residue which is a huge plus point.

Overall I like the Biostijl scrubs. I like that the scrubs are easy to use. A huge plus point is that these are made out of natural ingredients. I think that I’ll order some more of them in the future.

Price and availability

Availability: Biostijl webshop
Price: €5.95 per scrub

What’s your favorite scrub? Let me know!

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ANAS – Crystal Quartz Body mist

I could test out this ANAS Crystal Quartz body mist thanks to the The Pastel Suitcase and Anas Crystal Care instagram giveaway.

The mist is infused with real Quartz from Madagascar. There’s even one stone piece inside the bottle!

Besides the Quartz stone, the mist is enriched with a volcanic water from the Auvergne region in France. This ingredient has moisturizing and purifying properties. On the ingredients list, we can find also the Wild Indigo extract. The Wild Indigo, a native Indian plant has scientifically proven destressing qualities.

anas crystal care

The scent of the body mist is very luxurious and refreshing. While using it I feel like standing at beautiful coast surrounded by the splashing ocean waves. Just enjoying the moment. While wearing this scent I feel happy and cozy.

The Crystal Quartz body mist is available through Anas Crystal Care shop and costs €30 per 100ml. I love the original packaging, it looks like a precious stone.

All the Anas Crystal Care products are cruelty free.

Have you ever tried anything from Anas Crystal Care? Let me know what do you think about this Crystal Quartz body mist.

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