BEOTY skincare

Thanks to Johnson from BEOTY I could test out their vitamin C brightening serum and balancing moisturizer. The BEOTY products are made in Denmark and are 100% vegan.

beoty skincare moisturizer

BEOTY balancing moisturizer

The balancing moisturizer is really pleasant. It is enriched with an Alpaflor Alp Sebum ® – a bioactive organic prebiotic. Besides that, on the ingredients list, we can find goods such as camomile, witch hazel, green tea, tamanu oil, pomegranate extract, and sea buckthorn extract. That cocktail of ingredients is formulated to protect and nourish the skin. I like to use it as a part of my morning and evening routine. It has a lightweight texture yet it feels very nourishing. Right after use, my skin feels plump and hydrated and all inflammations are soothed.

Beoty vitamin C serum

BEOTY Vitamin C brightening serum

The vitamin C serum contains a bunch of powerful ingredients such as ascorbyl glucoside (a stable form of vitamin C) and potent extracts from the sea buckthorn, green tea, licorice root, and lemon peel extract. It is my favorite product nowadays! It absorbs quickly and I have noticed that it is very effective when it comes to reducing the dullness of the skin. My skin is brighter and more radiant now.

BEOTY denmark

Overall I am impressed by the BEOTY products. Both products have luxurious-looking frosted glass packaging with an airless pump dispenser so it is a very hygienic way to apply them. What is also important is that the products are not scented so they are suitable for very sensitive skin types as well.

In my opinion, both products are very well formulated and give visible results in the course of use. I am hoping to see the BEOTY product line growing in the future.

BEOTY products are available through their website. The current prices are €76 when you want to buy the soothe&protect duo, or €38.40 for moisturizer and €52.80 for the vitamin C brightening serum.

Have you ever heard of this brand? What do you think about their products? Let me know!

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Wella Elements haircare

I could test out this Wella Elements haircare line – shampoo and conditioner thanks to Buzzador.

The Wella Elements haircare line is formulated without silicones, sulfates, and animal-derived ingredients. The formulas are up to 99% natural origin.

Wella elements haircare

The shampoo is very mild and has a wonderful scent. It works nourishing for my scalp and is washing my hair properly from any build-up. The formula is enriched with aloe vera juice and argan oil. Any hair care maniac knows how precious those ingredients are. I am using the shampoo daily and I like it.

Wella Elements haircare

The conditioner has a very lightweight, creamy texture. On the ingredients list, we can find aloe vera juice, olive oil, and vitamin E. It makes my hair soft and frizz-free. Right after use, my hair looks healthy and shiny.

Overall I think that the Wella Elements conditioner and shampoo work well for my hair. I am enjoying using it. I am sure that I will buy some more products out of the Elements haircare line.

The Wella Elements products are available for example through the and prices vary from 15 to 20 euro.

Have you ever tried this haircare line? Let me know!

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Melyon day cream

MELYON day cream

I could test out this MELYON day cream thanks to the The C of Cosmetics. It’s a completely new brand for me so I was super curious and excited about that!

The MELYON day cream is enriched with vitamin C, vitamin E and niacinamide. As a skincare junkie, I love these ingredients. 

The MELYON day cream has a nice texture which absorbs nicely and quickly into my skin. It leaves my skin well moisturized and at the same time mattified, my pores are minimized. After a few weeks of using I have noticed that my complexion looks healthy and luminous. 

Only one minus point is the packaging. The bottle looks really cute but I couldn’t open it properly. At various pictures I can see that the cream has a little pump but I can’t open mine like this. The cap is just stuck together with the pump. I can only twist it open and apply the product directly from the packaging which is not convenient. Update: I have received a kind message from brand that I need to pull the cap instead of twisting it and it works!

For me, this day cream is a really nice introduction to the brand. I think that I’d definitely try some more MELYON products in the future.

The MELYON day cream is available through The C of Cosmetics store and cost €45/60ml.

Have you ever used any of their products? Let me know!

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Drs Leenarts SPF50 cream review

Drs Leenarts Suncare SPF50 crème

Today I’d like to talk about this Drs Leenarts Suncare SPF50. Since I’ve seen this brand on Instagram I always wanted to try some of their products. What’s interesting is that the creator of the brand, Marjolein Leenarts is an active dermatologist. According to the website, she created her own skincare line because she wanted to help people with good products without unnecessary additions. Sounds great, right?

The filters (from the INCI list from the Drs. Leenarts website): Bis-ethylhexyloxyphenol methoxyphenyl triazine (UVA/UVB filter), Ethylhexyl Salicylate (UVB filter), Diethylamino hydroxy benzoyl hexyl benzoate (UVA filter), Polymethyl methacrylate (UV filter), Ethylhexyl triazone (UVB filter). It does not contain oxybenzone or nanoparticles.

Drs. Leenarts Suncare SPF50

The Drs Leenarts Suncare SPF50 has a lightweight texture, spreads easily and absorbs into the skin really quickly. It does not have a tacky or sticky finish and gives a nice dewy look. What is very important is that it does not leave any white cast or residue. It feels comfortable on my face throughout the day. Also, it works well with all of my makeup products.

The Suncare SPF50 is parfum free. It can be used on the face and body as well. It’s suitable for kids and adults.⠀

I like the packaging. It’s a very simple squeeze-out tube made out of bioplastic so it’s easily recyclable.

Overall I can say that I love this Drs Leenarts Suncare SPF50. It’s very affordable – €18.95/100ml, the formula is awesome and I am really into the brand concept and their philosophy. I am definitely going to try out some more Drs. Leenarts products in near future.

Drs. Leenarts products are available at their webshop or Etos drugstores.

What do you think of this one? Would you like to see more SPF reviews? Let me know!

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Urtekram Rise & Shine hair care

Some time ago I’ve rediscovered the brand Urtekram thanks to the Triangle PR. I could test out the Rise & Shine Spicy Orange Blossom Ultimate Repair hair care.

Few facts about the brand: Urtekram is a Danish brand founded in 1972 and is named Denmark’s most sustainable brand by the Sustainable Brand Index.

The shampoo is based on coco glucoside (a very mild and gentle cleansing agent) and is enriched with jojoba oil, aloe vera, orange peel oil, and rosa damascena extract. So as you can see it’s full of goods. I am really enjoying using it as it’s nourishing my scalp and washing my hair properly.

The conditioner is enriched with shea butter, jojoba oil, orange peel oil, rosa damascena extract, aloe vera, and magnolia extract. I recommend using the conditioner in a small amount because it’s very rich and if you use too much then it may weigh your hair down. It works well on my hair and makes it look healthy, soft, and bouncy.

Both shampoo and conditioner have a slightly herbal scent. I like it but it may be too overwhelming for sensitive persons.

Overall I liked the Urtekram shampoo and conditioner. I think that I’ll try their other hair care products in the future. Have you ever heard of Urtekram? Let me know!

Heimish All clean vitamin blemish spot clear cream

The Heimish All clean vitamin blemish spot clear cream is a very interesting product. It targets concerns such as blemishes, hyperpigmentation, skin irritations and inflammation. Heimish claims that the All Clean Cream is reducing the appearance of blemishes and freckles in seven days.

The key ingredients are 50% of the Kakadu plum extract, 5% of niacinamide, Curcuma longa root extract, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, shea butter, tranexamic acid, fruit extracts, moringa oil, and many more. The ingredients list is full of goods.

All clean vitamin blemish spot clear cream

The cream has a lovely texture. At first, it feels lightweight but when it’s applied it feels rich and nourishing. It spreads easily and is absorbed into the skin quickly.

Right after use my skin feels plump and is immediately nourished and soothed. After 14 days of using it every day, I have noticed that my skin looks glowy, healthy and the appearance of some of my freckles is fading. It is now a part of my PM routine as I think that it is too heavy for a day cream for me.

Heimish All clean vitamin blemish spot clear cream

I’d recommend the Heimish All clean vitamin blemish spot clear cream if you have dry or normal skin with some acne scars or hyperpigmentation and you are looking for a multifunctional moisturizer.

It contains coconut oil and some citrus essential oils – I know that there are people who are sensitive or allergic to that so please keep that in mind.

Overall I think that it is a good product. I feel that it gives my face some kind of a vitamin boost.

Price and availability

According to Google prices vary from €16 to even €34.99 depending on store and location.

It’s available worldwide at Style Korean / Yes Style / Stylevana / IHerb. In the Netherlands: Little Wonderland.

Have you ever tried this one? What are your thoughts? Let me know.

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the Inkey List Symbright moisturizer

Today I’d like to talk about the Inkey List Symbright moisturizer. Some time ago I’ve seen it everywhere on my feed so I’ve decided to try it out.

The key ingredients are: 2% of Kakadu plum, 1% of the red algae complex, and 0.5% of Symbright®. The Kakadu plum is a rich source of vitamin C, the red algae complex has potent hydrating properties and the Symbright® is a patented complex derived from plant clary sage. It helps brighten and improve skin tone.

Symbright moisturizer ingredients list, source: the Inkey List website

The Symbright moisturizer has a lovely, silky lightweight texture and absorbs almost immediately. It has some kind of shimmer inside (mica) but it’s not too visible on the face, it just gives a nice dewy effect. And that’s all. I haven’t noticed any spectacular brightening effects. A big minus point is a scent. It smells like a hydrogen peroxide solution. It goes away quickly but it’s not pleasant at all.

Overall, I have mixed feelings. I’ve expected something more after reading all the positive reviews. It is not a bad product but it’s not spectacular either. I think that it is OK as a basic daily moisturizer. It also works well as a makeup primer.

The Symbright moisturizer is available through the Inkey List store. It cost €11.99. Have you ever tried this one? Let me know what do you think about it.

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L’Oréal Revitalift 5% glycolic acid peeling toner

A couple of weeks ago I’ve bought this L’Oréal Revitalift 5% glycolic acid peeling toner.
Glycolic acid is my favorite when it comes to skincare. If you are not familiar with glycolic acid: it is an AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) – chemical exfoliant that is very beneficial for the skin.

Besides the glycolic acid, the toner is enriched with watermelon pulp extract. Watermelon extract is rich in Vitamin C and lycopene. On the ingredients list, we can also find the Aloe vera extract which has soothing properties.

L'Oréal Revitalift 5% glycolic acid peeling toner review
L’Oréal Revitalift 5% glycolic acid peeling toner ingredients

After a few weeks of using the L’Oréal Revitalift 5% glycolic acid peeling toner, I can say that my face is smoother and more radiant. Also, it is reducing the appearance of my pores which is nice. It is not sticky and does not sting or burn my face. Overall I like it!

Please ALWAYS wear sunscreen when you use glycolic acid (and of course wear it always even if you are not using it). It makes the skin very sensitive to UV rays.

L'Oréal Revitalift 5% glycolic acid toner

The regular price of the toner is €20.99. I’ve bought mine at Etos for €10.49 (after 50% discount). It is also available at and at Kruidvat.

Have you ever heard of this one? I am curious: L’Oréal Paris is indeed a well-known brand, but do you like their skincare? Let me know!

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AZRA Botanical Simplicity – All clean balm

Some time ago I’ve received the All Clean Balm from AZRA Botanical Simplicity (thank you!). This is the newest add-on to the product range. Once before I’ve tried other Azra’s products and I’ve liked it – you can find all the reviews here.

The All Clean Balm has a really interesting color (thanks to the Blue Tansy oil) and texture. Gel-like balm transforms into pleasant milk that removes any makeup or debris effectively. It has a slightly herbal scent which makes the whole routine very luxurious.

AZRA All clean balm

The balm is very gentle and does not leave any sticky or unpleasant residue. It does a perfect job by melting away makeup so quickly. I am impressed. What is also worth mentioning is the ingredients list. It is full of goods!

Overall I am really happy with this balm. I am using it as a first step when double-cleansing.
The All Clean balm cost €35 per 100ml jar. It’s available through the Azra Botanical Simplicity store. All Azra’s products are vegan and cruelty-free.

Have you tried this balm or other Azra’s Botanical Simplicity products? Do you use cleansing balms as part of your skincare routine? Let me know!

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StyleTone Box December 2021

New StyleTone Box is finally here! What’s inside the Classic December box?

If you would like to subscribe to the Style Tone box – click here. You can choose out of Classic and Ultimate subscription. Or you can try the Xplore box without any strings attached.

Estate Babygirl – eyeshadow palette – worth €30. Nine intensive colours suitable for a daily make up. I like it!

LookX Cosmetics – eyebrow pencil in shade light brown – worth €19.00. Very thin retractable eyebrow pencil. The colour is very universal so I think everyone would like it.

styletone box

Luxie – two 207 medium shading brushes – worth €25. This time we got two brushes which is nice! Eyeshadow brush always comes in handy.

beautaniq beauty eye gels

Beautaniq Beauty – gold angel revitalizing eye patches – worth €6. I like to try new eye patches so I am always happy when I find that type of products in the box.

styletone box december

Paese – beauty lipgloss in shade 02 sultry – worth €10. The lipgloss is enriched with meadowfoam oil and thanks to that it has moisturizing and nourishing properties. Besides that it is not sticky and comfortable to wear.

How do you like this box? In my opinion it’s really good! The eyeshadow palette looks really cool and the colors are perfect for a daily make up.

The StyleTone Classic box costs €16.95 and the total worth of the December box is €90.

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