JOOP! All about Eve

Imagine sitting in a garden with jasmine flowers all around. It was a long, sunny day and now it is close to the evening. You are just chilling and you are enjoying it. You have a basket full of crisp green apples in front of you. Take one and cut it into bite-size pieces. Sprinkle with a pinch of cinnamon and vanilla sugar on top.

That’s how JOOP! All About Eve smells like. It is a very joyful scent with a little bit of temptation and mystery in it. I would recommend it to everyone who likes green notes and fresh fruity scents.

The longevity on my skin is great (around 8h). It is marketed as a feminine fragrance but I think that it is gender-neutral. Also, it has a beautiful bottle. The cute little apple-shaped flacon is an eye-catcher.

If you are looking for JOOP! All about Eve – good news, it is still available online (for example: Notino, Deloox or prices vary from €20 to €40/40ml. I bought mine at de Online drogist (not sponsored).⠀

Have you ever tried this one? Do you like apple notes in perfumes? If you have any recommendations – let me know!

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