AZRA Botanical Simplicity – All clean balm

Some time ago I’ve received the All Clean Balm from AZRA Botanical Simplicity (thank you!). This is the newest add-on to the product range. Once before I’ve tried other Azra’s products and I’ve liked it – you can find all the reviews here.

The All Clean Balm has a really interesting color (thanks to the Blue Tansy oil) and texture. Gel-like balm transforms into pleasant milk that removes any makeup or debris effectively. It has a slightly herbal scent which makes the whole routine very luxurious.

AZRA All clean balm

The balm is very gentle and does not leave any sticky or unpleasant residue. It does a perfect job by melting away makeup so quickly. I am impressed. What is also worth mentioning is the ingredients list. It is full of goods!

Overall I am really happy with this balm. I am using it as a first step when double-cleansing.
The All Clean balm cost €35 per 100ml jar. It’s available through the Azra Botanical Simplicity store. All Azra’s products are vegan and cruelty-free.

Have you tried this balm or other Azra’s Botanical Simplicity products? Do you use cleansing balms as part of your skincare routine? Let me know!

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