Parfumado subscription review

This is not sponsored in any way but I’d love to tell you more about Parfumado! I am really happy with my subscription (I am a subscriber for more than a year and a half) and as you can see in the picture below I have a small collection of scents haha.

What I like about Parfumado is that I can try out high-end or even niche scents (according to their website, there are more than 400 scents available at this moment!) for a fraction of their price.

I am a huge perfume freak and I wear different scents every day so it’s a perfect solution. I can try if the scent suits me well without buying a full-sized bottle which is often very expensive.

Want to know more about Parfumado?

It’s a subscription concept where every month you can try 8 ml of the best selling and niche scents.
The monthly subscription cost is €14.95.

If you’d like to try it with a 50% discount – you can use my code – Dmb8jLM1Q – with the first order you’ll also get a free travel case (not sponsored). Click here to join.

As far as I know, Parfumado is available in the Netherlands and in the United Kingdom as well.

8 ml may not seem like a lot but trust me it is! Parfumado swears that it’s enough for a month while using 3 sprays per day. Parfumado for their refills uses only 100% original perfumes so you can be sure that it’s worth your money.

Have you ever heard about Parfumado? And I am curious what’s your favorite perfume? Let me know!

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