Gentl Woman Intimate Care aftershave cream

Thanks to Viviane from Gentl Woman I could test out their Intimate Care aftershave cream. The cream was created with a special “3C” formula which stands for caring, cooling, and comforting.

I would recommend trying the Gentl Woman Intimate Care aftershave cream if you have an issue with getting razor bumps or irritated skin after shaving. It has a really nice texture, is not sticky and feels very refreshing on the skin.

It is very moisturizing (thanks to the shea butter) and soothes any shaving irritations or any skin rash in the bikini area almost immediately. Also, it has a delicate pleasant scent.

You can find the full ingredients list on the picture below.

The aftershave cream costs €14.95 and it’s available through Gentl Woman webshop.

Have you ever heard of Gentl Woman? Do you have any favorite intimate care products? Let me know!

Post scriptum: remember that shaving is a personal thing and choice, I prefer to do that but if you do not like or want to do it then it is perfectly fine too! Do whatever makes you feel happy and confident, not what stereotypes or mass media are telling you to do.

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