Facetheory – Ocuwake eye cream

Ocuwake eye cream

I’ve wanted to try something from Facetheory for a long time so some time ago I’ve ordered a few things from their shop including this Ocuwake Eye cream.

The Ocuwake Eye cream EYE1 key ingredients

vitamin C – brightens dark circles, fights signs of aging

ferulic acid – fight signs of aging

liquorice – has skin calming properties

chamomile – soothes the skin

Meiview™ – increases and encourages the production of collagen I, targeting loss of elasticity and making skin feel smoother and plumper.

Hexylresorcinol – amphiphilic phenolic lipid that is clinically proven to be four times as effective than hydroquinone in lightening skin.

(Ingredients description source: Facetheory site)


Ocuwake eye cream – my opinion

Because of all the hype around Facetheory cosmetics, I was expecting a spectacular product. I am a little bit disappointed because the Ocuwake eye cream feels very basic. I mean it works well, it makes the eye area moisturized and nourished. Besides that, it absorbs quickly so it’s perfect when you are looking for an eye cream that you can wear under makeup. It is not sticky and has a pleasant texture.

I was using the Facetheory Ocuwake eye cream every day for more than two months already and unfortunately, I haven’t noticed any brightening or depuffing effects. That’s why I am disappointed because after looking at the ingredients list, reading the Facetheory product description and reviews on their site you can expect some spectacular results.

I am not saying that it is a bad product. It’s a very pleasant daily eye cream and the packaging is huge, inside the tube we can find 30ml!!! of the cream. Maybe my expectations were too high because of all the hype.

I can recommend this eye cream if you are looking for an lightweight cream that smooths the skin, hydrates and absorbs quickly. If you are looking for depuffing or dark circles reducing products then I’d go for another product.

Price and availability

The cream is available through the Facetheory site. It cost €18.99/30ml.

It is not sponsored but if you’d like to shop at Facetheory with discount then you can use my referral link. The link gives you a 20% discount and I’ll get 750 points.

Have you ever heard about Facetheory? Is there something that you can recommend? Besides the Ocuwake cream, I’ve ordered the Exaglow serum, Regenacalm serum, pink clay AHA mask and the Green C toner so stay tuned for more reviews.

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