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dual innovation

Some time ago I’ve received the Detox and Slim 28 days tea from Dual Innovation (thank you)!

Please remember that drinking detox or slimming tea is not a substitute for diet, it’s an add-on to a healthy lifestyle.

I am drinking Detox and Slim tea for two weeks now and I’ve already noticed some interesting results which I’d like to share. Too much info but as well the Detox and the Slim tea works well for the digestive system. I feel less bloated and my appetite for sweets is reduced to a minimum.

Oh, and these both are very tasty. I am not used to drinking tea without sugar but this time I’ve tried and I can say that the Dual Innovation blends are very aromatic and have a pleasant taste.

Overall I think that drinking the Dual teas is a nice add on to balanced and healthy diet routine.

I like that the ingredients lists are clean without artificial ingredients. It’s only green tea and a blend of herbs, that’s all!

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Have you ever heard about Dual Innovation? Let me know!

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