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Hair vitamin gummies are very popular these days. The cute bear gummy is more attractive than the regular boring pill. I’ve almost finished my 3rd jar of the Lucovitaal hair vitamines so it’s time for the review!

⚠️ This is a nutritional (dietary) supplement. Most dietary supplements contain a lot of active ingredients such as vitamins, herbs, and minerals that could have an impact on your mind, body, and health. Please consult the professional (pharmacist or doctor) beforehand. Vitamins should be just an add on to a healthy diet and lifestyle.

The Lucovitaal hair vitamins contain per daily dose: 5,2 mg of Pantothenic acid (87% of recommended daily dose), 5000mcg of Biotin which equals 10.000% of recommended daily dose, and 6 mcg of Vitamine B12 which counts as 240% of recommended daily dose.

There’s a lot more vitamins and minerals inside but I’ve highlighted Pantothenic acid, Biotin, and Vit. B12 because these are important for having strong, healthy hair.

Lucovitaal hair vitamin gummies – ingredients

lucovitaal haar vitamines

⚠️ Too much Biotin can cause a breakout or excessive sebum production. Keep that in mind. Biotin is water-soluble so any excess is going to be flushed out with urine so overdose is not possible. Still, be responsible when taking any supplements.

The one jar of gummies contains 60 bears. The recommended daily dose of hair gummies is two per day. So one jar should be enough for one month. Now I am taking one gummy bear daily and that’s perfectly OK for me.

Effects and results

I’ve started to take two gummies per day and noticed the first results after three weeks (21 days). I was very enthusiastic and that helped with taking the vitamins regularly.

The first what I’ve noticed was that my nails became harder and were growing faster.

Around the end of week four, I have noticed less hair loss. The results are even better in combination with a scalp massage.

Weeks 6-7 surprised me with a lot of baby hairs. I think that the vitamines needs that much time to build up in the system.

In week 10 I have noticed that my hair is growing thicker than before. Also, hair loss is reduced to a minimum. That is the week when I am reducing my daily dosage from two gummies to one per day. Consistency is key in that matter. Remember that!

Overall I like these gummies. The gummy bears are tasty, not too sweet, and are vegan (the gummy is made out of pectin). The results are quite fast if you are systematic.

Price and availability

Availability: Lucovitaal store in Woensel, Eindhoven, or their webshop. The gummies are also available at Kruidvat and online. Tip: you can find good deals often at

Price: €19.99 per jar

Tip: the Lucovitaal hair gummies are often 1+1 gratis on their website or at Kruidvat.

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