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deizi professional hair turban

Thanks to Kayleigh from DEI•ZI Professional I could test out this hair turban.

Do you know that rubbing your wet hair with a regular bath towel can cause damage, frizz, and even fall out? I am a hair maniac, and I love to care about my hair, so I thought that I am pretty much conscious about that fact. I was surprised by how much microdamage it is causing! That is why I was not hesitating to incorporate the DEI•ZI hair turban into my hair care routine.

DEI•ZI Professional hair turban

DEI•ZI hair turban

The DEI•ZI Professional hair turban is made out of the thick microfibre material which has a nice waffle texture. The turban format is really convenient (you can use it not only at home but also for example at the gym) and beneficial for the hair. It absorbs the water very quickly so you do not have to use a hairdryer.

I am really happy with the DEI•ZI hair turban. I have a waist-long hair and the turban does a great job getting my hair dry within no time. The turban is really absorbent and very easy to use. Since I am using the hair turban, I have noticed that my hair is less frizzy and is definitely in better shape. I do not have to use any hairdryer at all!

I think that a hair turban is a great option for curly haired girls as well. You can use it for plopping so the curls would be more defined.

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How to wash and dry the turban?

You can wash the turban in the washing machine on the 40°C program. Do not use any fabric softener as it can damage the microfibers. Do not tumble dry.

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Price and availability

The single turban cost €18.95. You can also buy the duo pack for €31.95 which is a great value.

If you would like to get a turban for yourself, then I have a discount for you! -10% off code for all single and duo turbans – beautycourier10 – click here and shop.

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Disclosure: I have received the product free of charge for review purposes.

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