Azra Botanical Simplicity – Super Glow serum

Thanks to AZRA Botanical Simplicity I could test out the Super Glow serum – the newest addition to their skincare line.

I am quite a fan of AZRA’s products since I have tried out their whole range. I was really excited when Azra, owner of the brand, sent me the package including the new serum and no rinse hand cleanser.

AZRA Super glow serum – key ingredients

The Super Glow serum is supposed to even out the complexion and to make pigmentation spots less visible. It is possible thanks to the high (20%) percentage of 3-0 ethyl ascorbic acid. That is the most stable and effective form of vitamin C.

Besides vitamin C, the key ingredients of the serum are licorice extract and the well-known hyaluronic acid. The licorice extract is responsible for anti-inflammation purposes and the hyaluronic acid retains the skin moisture.

Other interesting ingredients are ferulic acid (the powerful antioxidant) and mandelic acid (an alpha hydroxy acid).


Super Glow serum – my experience

For some time now I am struggling with hyperpigmentation triggered mostly by hormonal contraceptives. I hate it because sometimes brown spots (something similar to freckles) are popping on my face out of nowhere. What I have noticed, is that after almost five weeks of using the AZRA’s serum the brown spots appearance reduced almost to minimum! I think that it is spectacular and I am really happy with the results.

I am really impressed by how effective the AZRA’s super glow serum is. The serum has a pleasant, a little bit runny texture. My skin is just drinking it up! Right after use my complexion is looking radiant and healthy. I am really enjoying using it everyday.

Because of the high percentage of vitamin C, I recommend to wear the SPF (factor minimum 30, please do it anyway regardless if you are using the vitamin C serum or not) daily for optimal face protection.

Packaging and scent

The packaging is really great. The airless pump is very hygienic and prevents the ingredients from oxidizing. This is very important when it comes to products containing vitamin C.

Another plus point is the scent. The serum smells very pleasant – Azra used a bit of the Neroli essential oil. Personally I love Neroli scent notes.

azra botanical simplicity stichting emina foundation

Price and availability

The Super Glow serum retails for €52. It may seem a lot compared to the other vitamin C serums currently available on the market, but the ingredients, quality and Azra’s expertise makes it worth all the money. The product itself is very efficient, a little goes a long way – one pump is more than enough to apply the serum to the whole face and even neck and décolleté.

The AZRA Botanical Simplicity Super Glow serum is available through their webshop and through the ASPA Direct store.

Stichting Emina Foundation

From each sold bottle AZRA donates to Stichting Emina Foundation. The foundation promotes and supports personal development and education of children and young adolescents in former Yugoslavia countries.

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