Noosh Beauty – the Bisou collection

Noosh Beauty

Some time ago I’ve stumbled upon this Noosh Beauty luxury make up and skincare subscription curated by Anna Nooshin. The name Noosh comes from the Farsi language (Anna Nooshin has Iranian roots) and means lovely and attractive.

The mission of Noosh is according to their website “a way for anyone to bring out their inner glow and have fun with their look while still looking like themselves”.

Noosh Beauty – the Bisou collection

Inside the first box we can find the Bisou collection. The collection consist of four products, three make up items: eyeshadow palette, lipgloss, face and body highlighter and one skincare item: the facial mask.

Inside the box:

XOXO eyeshadow palette

Diamond kissed lipgloss

Me time face mask

Magic luminizer face and body highlighter

Noosh Beauty

noosh beauty box

noosh beauty bisou collection

The Noosh cosmetics are 100% vegan and are made in Italy. The cost of a subscription per month is €24.95. You can find more details here.

What do you think about this one? Let me know!

Personally, I think that the whole collection is really beautiful. I have enjoyed the unboxing and trying out all of the products. I am looking forward to the next box!

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