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BeautyPros hairbrush

Thanks to Soumia from Beauty PRO’s I could test out this Beauty Brush. I have very long and thick hair so a good hairbrush is an unmissable part of my hair care routine.

Proper brushing is crucial for hair condition. I am brushing my hair twice a day – every morning (after washing, towel-dried hair) and evening before sleeping. That works the best for me!

The Beauty PRO’s hairbrush is really an eye-catcher. The beautiful rose gold handle looks luxurious and makes a nice impression. I like it!

The hair brush is made out of high-quality components, a blend of wild boar and nylon bristles. The boar bristles have a lot of benefits when it comes to hair care. Wild boar bristles are gentle for the hair, give the hair a healthy look, and enhances the shine.

hairbrush beauty pros

The brush is well balanced and very lightweight. It has a pleasant ergonomic shape. It glides through my hair effortlessly without any pulling. I have straight hair but I think it would work fine for curly or other types of hair as well.

I think that the Beauty PRO’s hairbrush is definitely a nice add-on to my hair care routine.

beauty pro's hair brush

The hair brush is available through the Beauty PRO’s web store. It costs €34.95. To be honest it is a little bit more than I would usually pay for a hairbrush (Remington or Olivia Garden brushes are definitely cheaper) but still, it is a good option to try out if you are not on the budget.

Beauty Pro's beauty brush

Besides this hairbrush Soumia kindly sent me the Skin Cleaner device – the review is coming soon so stay tuned.

What do you think about this hairbrush? Let me know in the comments!

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