the INKEY List Oat Cleansing balm

The Inkey List Oat cleansing balm is a blend of sweet almond oil, 3% oat kernel oil, sunflower oil and 1% colloidal oatmeal powder. This is a multifunctional product because it can be used as a cleanser and mask as well. I am using it as my first cleanse product, later following it with a water-based cleanser.

It has a nice thicker kind of texture that melts in contact with the warmth of the skin.

The Inkey List Oat Cleansing balm is very gentle for the skin and dissolves even heavy makeup very quickly. I am also removing the eye makeup using this cleanser and haven’t noticed any irritations in that area.

I am pleasantly surprised with how effective this cleanser is. It does its job, does not leave any unpleasant residue and it’s extremely affordable!

Oat cleansing balm

The packaging – a squeezable tube is very handy and hygienic. Plus we only need a bit of product – a little goes a long way! Besides the cleansing properties, we can also use the product as a mask. I like to do that when my face is for example over exfoliated or simply has a bad day. I am just leaving it on (clean) face for 10-20 minutes and any irritations or redness are soothed.

To sum up: I do recommend this product. It’s efficient and affordable. I like the non-irritating formula and how gentle the cleanser is for my skin. Also, the oat kernel oil is noncomedogenic so do not worry about clogged pores!

Price and availability

Look Fantastic (affiliate link) / Cult Beauty/ Feel Unique / Boozyshop

The prices varies from €11.45 to €14.95/150ml.

Use my code for 25% off on your first order at Look Fantastic – EWA-R12Z.

Have you ever tried this one? Let me know what’s your favorite cleansing balm/oil.

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