Therme Mystic Rose eau de parfum

therme mystic rose eau de parfum

Not so long ago I’ve bought this Therme Mystic Rose eau de parfum. The price at the moment was just €7.50 (the normal price is €15) so I’ve decided to give it a try!

According to Therme the Mystic Rose perfume notes are: rose, cacao and sweet lychee.

Mystic Rose

I think that it is a very pleasant scent. It’s a bit mysterious, almost sensual (I think that it is because of the cacao – it gives a bit of spice) with playful rose and sweet lychee notes. This scent is not obvious, I was not expecting that looking at the price tag.

Another surprise is that this eau de parfum is very long-lasting on my skin. Applied in the morning I can still smell it 8-10 hours later.

Price and availability

Price: from €7.50 to €15.49 depends on promotions

Availability: Etos,, Douglas Nederland, (affiliate link)

The Mystic Rose product range besides the eau de parfum consist of: the body lotion, body butter, foaming shower gel and traditional shower gel.

Have you ever heard about this one? Let me know!

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  1. Joanna

    I haven’t known this parfum. I think I could like it.


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