Australian Bodycare – Intimate shaving kit

australian bodycare intimate shaving kit

Thanks to the Essd Consulting I could test out this Australian Bodycare Intimate shaving kit. I have received the products complimentary in exchange for an honest review.

Inside the box we can find three products – the intimate wash, intimate shaving gel and the aftershave balm. All of the products are enriched with the precious antibacterial tea tree oil.

The line has been created to help us shave the bikini line and intimate areas in a safe, hygienic way.

More than that, this shaving kit is supposed to prevent any unwanted red spots, razor burns and ingrown hairs.

Australian Bodycare Intim wash gel – daily care before shaving

This gel has a surprising texture. The texture is very watery and runny which I was not expecting. The wash gel is very gentle for the skin and leaves the area refreshed and clean. I have not noticed any minus points, it simply does what it has to do.

Australian Bodycare Intim shave – shaving gel against red spots

Australian Bodycare recommends to apply the gel, leave it for one minute and then shave. It has a nice, almost silky texture which makes the blade gliding easy through problematic areas. I was worrying that the package (100ml) is too small and would not be enough for multiple uses, however a little goes in a long way. Pea sized amount of the product is enough to cover the whole intimate area and bikini line as well.

Australian Bodycare Intim balm – after shave against red spots

A very pleasant aftershave balm. It is not sticky, feels very refreshing on the skin and soothes any shaving irritations or skin rash immediately.

Price and availability

The Australian Bodycare products are available at Kruidvat, Trekpleister and Etos and through and their flagship store.

The price of the Intimate Shaving Kit (three products inside) is €29.99.

To sum up: I really like this Australian Bodycare Intimate shaving kit. It makes shaving experience more pleasant, is caring for the skin and soothes any uncomfortable feeling immediately. Also, I am noticing that with every use the red bumps are visibly reduced and the “strawberry skin” effect is gone!

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