Jumiso – All-day Vitamin Nourishing and Recharging wash-off mask

I could test out this Jumiso All-day Vitamin Nourishing and Recharging wash-off mask, thanks to the Style Korean x Jumiso Try me Review me event.

Today I am going to tell you more about the ingredients and what do I think about this one.


This is the third and final review of the All Day Vitamin line.

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The Jumiso mask ingredients

jumiso all day nourishing and recharging wash off mask

This All-day Vitamin Nourishing and Recharging wash-off mask is supposed not only to protect the skin barrier, but also thanks to the niacinamide and lemon peel powder it has exfoliating and brightening properties.

  • Multi 15 Vitamin complex
  • Chlorella Vulgaris extract
  • Melia Azadirachta flower extract
  • Citrus limon peel powder
  • Curcuma root extract
  • Hippophae rhamnoides extract
  • Orange fruit extract

The mask contains fresh lemon peel parts. Because of that, the color of the product may slightly change over time.

Nourishing and Recharging wash-off mask review

jumiso all day vitamin nourishing recharging mask

First of all, the mask has such a juicy, yummy scent, I love it. The texture is also very pleasant – jelly (not sticky) and easy to wash off.

Overall I like this mask. It is easy to use and gives instant effects. Thanks to the turmeric root, orange fruit extract and lemon peel it gives the skin a glow boost immediately!

Right after washing the mask off my face has a nice, healthy glow. My skin is supple, fresh and bright. I really recommend this mask if your skin lacks glow and radiance.

I have not experienced any burning or tingling sensation. Please be aware that it can happen as the mask contains ingredients such as Niacinamide, lemon, Curcuma, etc.

Jumiso All-day Vitamin wash-off mask – my conclusion

I’ve enjoyed incorporating Jumiso’s all-day vitamin line into my skincare routine. I can say that all products work incredibly well for me.  The design, ingredients, brand philosophy, and most importantly results are appealing to me.

Big thanks to Style Korean and Jumiso –  I am happy that I could participate in this Try me Review my event.

Price and availability

The wash-off mask and other Jumiso products are available worldwide at Style Korean shop here:

▶   https://bit.ly/3oyN18e

The mask costs $22.40/100ml.

In the Netherlands, the Jumiso mask is available here:

▶  Little Wonderland – €24.99/100ml

▶  Korean Skincare – €24.95/100ml

What do you think about this mask? Let me know!