Planeta Organica – Ayurveda hair mask

planeta organica ayurveda hair mask

I have long, heavy and straight hair. I think that my hair is one of my best features so I love to take care of it and keep it in good shape and condition. That’s why a good hair mask is a must for me. To be honest I have a lot of conditioners and masks in my stash and it’s hard to please me in that matter. Thanks to the shop I could test out this Planeta Organica Ayurveda hair mask and I’ve immediately loved it! ⠀



Planeta Organica – Ayurveda hair mask review

This hair mask is full of goods. It’s based on aqua with infusions of Melia Azadirachta Seed Oil (known also as Neem oil) which is well known from its regenerating and nourishing properties. The Centella Asiatica extract strengthens the hair follicles and improves blood microcirculation. The Sandalwood extract is responsible for the hair growth stimulation and the Acai berries give a vitamin boost. The mask is CG (curly girl method) friendly.⠀
I love how wonderful this mask smells. The mix of incense and oriental herbs… Oh my god! The scent is a bit heavy but definitely not overwhelming. The texture of the mask is thick and creamy.⠀
I like to apply the mask generously as a treatment for around 30 minutes and wrap my hair with cling film. To make it even more conditioning I like to place a towel on top – thanks to the natural heat created under a cap the hair cuticles are opened and all the ingredients can absorb deep into the hair. I do always rinse it with lukewarm/cold water to close the hair cuticles right after.⠀
The mask is really rich, nourishing, and moisturizing. It works soothing on my scalp and definitely helps in reducing hair fall out. Right after the treatment, my hair is soooo soft, shiny, bouncy, moisturized, and totally regenerated. I really recommend it if you want to give your hair a boost.⠀


Ingredients, price and availability


planeta organica ayurvedic hair mask
Price:  €9.29 / 300ml⠀
Availability: – 

Once again thanks for providing product for review purposes. Even though I’ve got the product free of charge it doesn’t affect my opinion.⠀
Let me know what’s your favorite hair mask – I’m curious!⠀

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