JOSHUA International – Cool Slim Strong multi-care body cream

joshua international cooling gel


Thanks to the KITA GMP I could test out this JOSHUA International Cool Slim Strong multi-care body cream.

The product was quite mysterious to me. There’s no information on the packaging in the English language, so it’s not clear for international customers what the product is supposed to do. 

From what I’ve understood with help of the Google translator and after taking a quick look at the JOSHUA International feed, this product is supposed to reduce swelling, improve blood circulation, and firm the skin. Sounds good!⠀

Cool Slim gel

The key ingredients are: azulene, milk extract, pumpkin extract, ginger, blue chamomile, tea tree extract, and avocado oil. The peppermint leaf and menthol are responsible for the pleasant cooling effect.

I am always sceptical when it comes to that type of products and indeed I haven’t noticed any slimming effects. What I have noticed after full 4 weeks of using is that the gel makes the skin firmer in problematic areas such as waist, stomach, and tights. Also, it makes the cellulite less visible. In combination with work out it gives even better results. ⠀
The gel absorbs almost immediately without any sticky or tacky residue. The cooling effect lasts for around 30-45 minutes which feels nice and refreshing thanks to the peppermint scent.⠀

joshua international cool slim cooling gel


Overall I like it. As it’s promised it is reducing swelling and makes the skin smoother and firmer.⠀
The minus points are: there is just 90ml of product in the package so it’s not really efficient compared to similar products available on the market. ⠀
Another minus point is the packaging. People who don’t speak Korean can not really read through it and there are no instructions provided in the English language. I think it would be handy to add at least a little English translated flyer with some informations while introducing the product to the international market.⠀

Thanks to the KITA GMP and JOSHUA International for providing the product for testing purposes.⠀

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