Ewali Beauty – Skin Glow Face Oil

Thanks to the Ewali Beauty Instagram giveaway I could test out this Skin Glow face oil.

ewali beauty skin glow face oil

The Skin Glow face oil is a blend of precious botanical oils, such as

  • marula oil 
  • jojoba oil 
  • apricot kernel oil 
  • rosehip oil 
  • evening primrose oil

More than that, the Skin Glow face oil contains a rich source of antioxidants from vitamin C and E.

The Skin Glow face oil is 100% vegan and Cruelty-Free.

Ewali Beauty skin glow face oil review

ewali beauty skin glow face oil

I thought that the 15 ml bottle would be tiny but a little goes in a long way as I need only a few drops for my face, neck and decolleté.

The oil is perfectly lightweight, absorbs very quickly, and does not leave any tacky residue so it can be incorporated in AM and PM routine as well.

I am using the Skin Glow oil for more than a month now and I have noticed that the oil has soothing properties, makes my skin nourished and plumped. My skin feels glowing and fully hydrated afterward.

Also, my old acne scars started to be less visible which I didn’t expect!

The oil has a lovely rose scent and I can’t get enough of it 😍

Overall, I am very satisfied. I think that it is a very excellent product. Feels luxurious and natural, and I do really enjoy using it.

Available at: Ewali Beauty shop (click here)

Price:  €20/10ml, €25/15ml, €40/30ml

Have you heard about Ewali Beauty? Let me know! For me this brand looks really promising and I’ll definitely try some more of their products.

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