Benton – Tea Tree serum

benton tea tree serum
A few weeks ago Benton kindly sent me this Tea Tree Serum – thank you so much Benton! I was looking for a lightweight serum for summertime so started out testing immediately.⠀

Few facts about Benton Tea Tree Serum

🌱 contains 80% Korean tea tree extracts⠀
🌱 helps to achieve clear skin by managing the oil-water balance⠀
🌱 provides vitality ⠀
🌱 it is a mild serum with slightly acidic pH ⠀

Key ingredients of the Benton tea tree serum

🌱 80% of tea tree extracts – tea tree water, tea tree oil and tea tree leaf extract⠀
🌱 betaine derived from sugar beet⠀
🌱 dipotassium glycyrrhizate derived from liquorice root⠀
🌱 arginine⠀
🌱 bark extracts⠀
I adore how lightweight this serum is! It has a watery, bit running texture and soaks into the skin very quickly – my skin is literally drinking it. It is not sticky and is very gentle. It’s definitely a good choice for hot and humid summer days. ⠀
The serum has soothing and cooling properties. Any irritations, redness, or inflammations are gone within a few minutes. Recently I had a huge breakout on my jawline, caused by wearing masks (I believe that type of problem is called #maskne now), and thanks to the Benton Tea Tree Serum I could get rid of that immediately. ⠀
Benton Tea Tree Serum ingredients list – source

⠀Benton serum

Tea Tree serum is now a part of my AM and PM routine as well. My skin is definitely well hydrated, plumped, and gets a cute dewy look.⠀
What’s also worth mentioning is the dispenser. It’s an airless eco-pump, which is made of sustainable material and can be fully recycled ♻️. ⠀

Big thanks to Benton for providing products for review purposes. Even though I’ve got the product for free, my opinion is 100% honest and isn’t influenced by the brand in any way.⠀
Do you like Benton? What’s your favorite product when it comes to this brand? Or maybe you are not a fan? Let me know!

Price and availability

Price: $13 / $16
Availability: StyleKorean / YesStyle – use my code BEAUTYCOU123 for discount

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