Albert Heijn – Mama buikbalsem (belly balm)

Albert Heijn mama buikbalsem
I’m not a mama but I admire products for pregnant women – I have a huge problem with stretch marks due to weight swings so I always appreciate a good product! And it was such a surprise when I’ve discovered that it’s not only a belly balsam but it’s a multi-purpose product! 

Egyptian magic dupe?

This belly balsam (buikbalsem) texture-wise reminds me of famous Egyptian Magic. It’s a rich, solid oil that melts in contact with warm skin. 
It says it’s belly balsam but I think it’s multi-functional, same as Egyptian magic! 


Albert Heijn mama buikbalsem


I’m using it on my face, body and even on my hair – when it melts you can apply on your hair ends for 30 min, wash it off with mild shampoo and your hair will be grateful – trust me! 
When applied on the face – it didn’t clog my pores, makes my face nourished and all red spots or dry patches are gone. 
It’s also perfect as a lip balm – repairs cracked lips within seconds! 
What I also like to do is to apply it on my eczema patches to soothe the skin.

It smells divine and makes my skin perfectly smooth, bit firmer and nourished. It improves skin elasticity and definitely helps to make stretch marks brighter and less visible. 

Mama buikbalsem

I think that it’s a great alternative for the Egyptian Magic even if the products are not the same when it comes to ingredients! I love Egyptian Magic too but when it comes to price and availability then the Albert Heijn balm wins. 
It’s available everywhere in the Netherlands at well known Albert Heijn stores so you can get it while doing your daily groceries!
Price: €3.79 
Available at: Albert Heijn 🇳🇱 / 🇧🇪 

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