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I’m visiting Action very often and always I can find there something for my pamper sessions. 

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Action hydrogel gold mask

I fell in love with this hydrogel gold mask. The mask is easy to put in and take off. It’s less slippery compared to other hydrogel masks I’ve tried. It hugs my face closely and does not feel slimy.

The key ingredients: 

  • niacinamide
  • allantoin
  • Chondrus crispis (Irish red algae) extract

It comes in two parts one for the top of your face to your nose and one for the bottom half of your face. Each piece is separated by a white plastic film which is supposed to be removed before placing it on the face.

After use, my skin feels soft, supple and revitalized. It looks fresh and more radiant and my pores are less noticeable. I’m impressed with the immediate results.
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Overall, it’s a very very pleasant mask for just €0.79. Definitely worth giving it a try!

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