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Kneipp jeneverbes shower gel

The Kneipp shower gels are my favorites for some time but this one is the best of the best. It contains juniper and wintergreen essential oils. These both have awesome topical anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties. 

Perfect for sore muscles and sinus relief

It also works well when having a cold, brings a huge relief to the sinuses especially when combined with bath oil and salt from the same juniper line. 

My opinion

I really, really like it. Usually, shower gels don’t amaze me that much but this one is really unique compared to regular shower gels.
And yeah I can say shower with this one is really a pleasure. The scent is unique, very spicy and herbal at the same time. Makes muscles and mind relaxed and calm. 
It may be not that foamy as the other shower gels are and it’s very gentle for my skin. Definitely, it’s my holy grail product when it comes to shower gels.
kneipp jeneverbes douche gel

It’s a bit pricey – €5.99 but it’s worth it and there are often 1+1 gratis offers in Kruidvat or Etos as well.
Or you can buy it at – you can find there a lot of Kneipp’s shower gels with a discount price and often free shipping in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Do you like Kneipp products? Let me know!
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