Benton – Real Cool Aloe Soothing Gel

benton aloe vera cooling gel


Benton Cosmetic knows what is necessary for summertime and launching their new Aloe Real Cool Soothing gel right on time. We can now fully enjoy the warm weather and sun without worrying about sunburn or irritations.

The Benton’s Aloe gel contains 93% of aloe barbadensis leaf extract which is rich in polysaccharides, brings a lot of moisture to the skin and has nourishing properties.

The aloe gel is a well known herbal remedy for various topical skin conditions.

The cooling agent is a mix of aloe and laminaria japonica extract, dioscorea japonica root extract, ulmus davidiana root extract and viola mandshurica flower extract.

The compound is patented and these five botanical extracts lower the temperature of the skin, are soothing and helps to manage the suppleness of the skin.

benton aloe vera cooling gel

Benton aloe vera gel

Like every other Benton product, the Aloe gel is completely free from volatile alcohol, artificial fragrance, coloring, PEG surfactants, and other controversial and unpleasant ingredients. It’s a multi-purpose gel and can be used not only on the body but also on the face, to moisturize the hair and dry scalp as well!

I love how multi-purpose the gel is. It comes in an 300ml pot, and a little goes in a long way. The gel does not lump and applies very smooth.

You need to know that this year temperatures in Europe are crazy! Because of high temperatures, my skin was dull, dry, tired and wasn’t looking fresh. Literally, the aloe gel was a lifesaver. My skin was drinking every drop of it! The gel is giving skin a boost and a huge load of moisture. 

Tip: if you have a dry hair, put some aloe vera gel on the length. Brush your hair, apply some hair oil (for example coconut, argan or your favorite blend). Leave it for an hour or two and wash the hair. Believe me – you’ll notice a huge improvement!

Try also applying the aloe gel on your scalp. If you’re suffering from eczema or having issues with dandruff it is a perfect solution. The aloe vera gel works very soothing, moisturizing and your skin and hair would thank you for that. 

benton aloe vera gel

Price and availability

Overall, I do recommend this aloe gel. Comparing to another well known Korean aloe gel (the one in aloe leaf tube), Benton’s one works effectively, absorbs quicker, and is way more cooling and soothing.

Big thanks to Benton Cosmetic for providing the product for testing purposes.


You can buy Benton Cosmetics products via StyleKorean web store.

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