Benton – Goodbye Redness Centella Spot Cream

benton spot cream centella asiatica
Thanks to Benton I have got the possibility to test this Goodbye Redness Centella Spot Cream.

If you take a quick look at my previous posts you can notice that I am in love with Benton Cosmetics products and their awesome formulas.

I am a lucky person who does not really have any problem with pimples now, but unfortunately, I have an allergy which makes my skin break out very often. The allergy factors cause unpleasant rash spots on my body and face. I have decided to give the Benton spot cream a try, exactly on spots affected by allergy. I was curious about one of the main ingredients – calamine – which is mainly used to topically heal the chickenpox and insect bites spots (relieving the itchiness) and it is useful in skin care to protect while the skin is exposed to the external stressors.

Active ingredients

  • 42% Centella Asiatica harvested in Korea
  • 10% Calamine
  • Tea tree leaf oil
  • Peppermint oil

These ingredients are supposed to take good care of the irritated skin, has calming and soothing properties and can really help to improve skin condition. Tip: the cream can be used along with other products from the Goodbye Redness line to boost the results! 

benton spot cream centella

Overall, I really liked the Benton Goodbye Redness Centella Spot Cream. It really soothed my skin and made the rash gone in no time. My skin was calmed and the redness and itchiness were nicely reduced. 

What I also like about this product is that it is multifunctional. It is not only suitable for healing pimples or inflamed spots but also as I have mentioned earlier it heals the rash, can be used after waxing or hair removal to soothe irritated areas.

More than that, the spot cream can be used as a makeup base on oily spots as it helps in balancing excessive sebum production and will cancel out the redness before applying the foundation. The cream absorbs almost immediately and does not leave any unpleasant residue. Also, it has a nice, pale pink color (not visible on the face though!). It can be a part of the morning and evening skin care routine as well.

benton spot cream centella

Benton Goodbye Redness spot cream – price and availability

You can buy Benton Cosmetics products via StyleKorean web store

The review is not sponsored. I got the product in exchange for an honest review.

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