JUMISO – All Day Brightening and Balancing serum

jumiso all day vitamin serum i

As one of 60 lucky testers I got a set of Jumiso Skincare includes the All Day Brightening and Balancing serum. The reviews of other products are coming soon so stay tuned.

Thanks to Jumiso I was able to test this Brightening and Balancing serum. Last five, six weeks I was using it every day. My review would be kind of short because I really liked it and I see the wow effect. Since some time I am going through the difficult period of my life and I noticed that it affect my skin too. Plus I got an allergic reaction to some cleansing gel so I had to put extra care if it comes to healing my skin.

All day brightening and balancing serum

The serum has a nice non-sticky and gel-ish like, bit running texture. It has almost no smell. Absorbs immediately, leaves skin feeling soft and nourished. I needed literally two drops to cover my whole face. In a period of six weeks, I used up half of the bottle so it is pretty efficient. Key ingredients are niacinamide and vitamin tree extract (ingredients list on the head picture above).

Above you can see how my skin changed throughout the 6 weeks. I am sorry if picture quality is not really pro, but at this moment I am not able to provide better quality. The thing you can see is that my skin definitely got a boost of glow! It became quite radiant and has a nice, healthy tone. Also, the serum pleasantly soothed my skin when I was going through the allergy.

jumiso all day brightening and balancing serum

Overall, I think that the Jumiso all day brightening and balancing serum is a high-quality product that does what expected. The formula is very nice, and the serum itself gives noticeably effects in less than 4 weeks. I really recommend it especially to someone who would give their skin a glow boost.

The retail price of serum is $24 / 25.99 euro

You can buy the serum and Jumiso skincare there:

Big thank you to Jumiso for providing products for review purposes. Even though I got this product for free the review is based on my experience only and is not affected by the brand in any way.

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