Lucovitaal – Hair vitamin gummies

Hair vitamin gummies are very popular these days. The cute bear gummy is more attractive than the regular boring pill. I’ve almost finished my 3rd jar of the Lucovitaal hair vitamines so it’s time for the review!

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DEI•ZI Professional – Hair Turban

Thanks to Kayleigh from DEI•ZI Professional I could test out this hair turban.

Do you know that rubbing your wet hair with a regular bath towel can cause damage, frizz, and even fall out? I am a hair maniac, and I love to care about my hair, so I thought that I am pretty much conscious about that fact. I was surprised by how much microdamage it is causing! That is why I was not hesitating to incorporate the DEI•ZI hair turban into my hair care routine.

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Beauty PRO’s – Skin Cleaner

I could test out the Beauty PROs Skin Cleaner device thanks to Soumia from Beauty PROs. I have always wanted to try that kind of device so I was very excited when I have got it.

Please remember: always use that kind of device carefully. Do not put it for too long in one spot and operate with short, quick strokes otherwise you may end up with red marks, hickeys or bruises on your face. I recommend using the lowest power setting, also take a long warm shower or use a facial sauna before using the Skin Cleaner to open up the pores.

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